Man jumps in to save woman from submerged car: "It just was a chain of people helping people"

Man jumps in to save woman from submerged car: "It just was a chain of people helping people"

Rob Reynolds trained in EMT but did not go down that career path. However, the course came in handy during the recent accident.

Rob Reynolds was driving home with his son last month when he noticed a driver on his right had begun drifting. "She kind of hit the curb and bounced off a guardrail, which kind of shot her back across. You know, she probably overcorrected, shot her back across right in front of me," said the father recalling the incident, according to 9News. "So there's a guardrail for the first canal, and that's the one she bounced off of when she cut back in front of me. There's like a space, like a service road in between the two canals and she just sort of hit that space perfectly."


The next thing he knew, the woman's car had flipped over and landed in a canal near the intersection of 80th Avenue and Kipling Street. Instead of driving off or waiting for emergency services, the good Samaritan jumped into action to save the woman's life. "It happened so fast and I felt such an urgency. I just remember stopping the car, put the hazard lights on, and I said, 'Hey Siri, call 911,' that was my first instinct," he said recalling the first thing he did. Next, he began running down the hill along with many other bystanders. The canal's water appeared to be waist-deep in some spots according to a video of the incident that was sent to the outlet. 

"I just remember the instinct of I've got to get down there, we've got to get down there, like somebody needs to get down there," he shared. Reynolds and the other bystanders can then be seen rummaging through the car in an effort to find the driver and remove her from the submerged vehicle. Thankfully, they were successful in their endeavor. "I kind of reached my hands under to try to feel her. And miraculously, she was just like in this perfect position. And I just sort of put my hands under her shoulders and just kind of pulled her out and picked her up," explained the man. 


Although Reynolds doesn't remember the name of the other helpful bystanders who rushed in to save the driver, he did thank the woman who stayed with his son by the car while he rescued the woman. "Ultimately, it just was, it just was a chain of people helping people. And that's mostly what I take away from it," he said claiming that it was a joint effort. "I mean, maybe it's a cliché, but, you know, that's a big thing, especially in a world we live in. Just looking out for each other, caring about each other, you know, jumping in to help when we need help." 

Reynolds has completed his EMT training over a decade ago but chose to start his own practice as a therapist in Arvada. Thankfully his emergency skills came in handy on July 10 when he was returning home after playing golf. Arvada Police Department's Detective David Snelling said the driver was identified as 20-year-old Lindsay Jenson who was later arrested. Her charges included possession of a financial device, aggravated motor vehicle theft, possession of a defaced firearm, theft of motor vehicle parts like license plates, unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon, driving under restraint, careless driving, and no proof of insurance. He also appreciated the fact that people jumped in to save her despite known who she was. "We are grateful for the community members who jumped in to save a person they didn't even know," said Snelling. 

Cover image source: YouTube screenshot | 9 News

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