Grieving dog digs up her puppies who passed away in labor and refuses to let them go

Grieving dog digs up her puppies who passed away in labor and refuses to let them go

The heartbroken mother dug up the buried bodies from the puppies' shallow grave five or six times.

Animals feel the loss of loved ones as much as humans do. Just like it is with humans, the intensity of the loss and the manner of mourning this loss varies with dogs as well. When this mother dog lost her puppies right after birth, she was left devastated. She was so heartbroken by her loss that she did not seem to be able to accept that her babies were actually gone and tried to retrieve them from their grave several times. A video of the incident shows the gut-wrenching visuals of the older dog desperately trying to make way with the lifeless bodies of her puppies.


This devastating incident took place in Suzhou in the Chinese province of Anhui. The dog's owner, identified as Mr. Qin explained that the puppies died after there were complications during their birth and were buried. According to the Daily Mail, the grieving mother dog dug up their buried bodies from the soil five or six times. The dog has managed to find the shallow grave that had been dug for the puppies and dig through it to locate their bodies. She licked their bodies morosely as the puppies lay side by side in the mud. She had been weeping and sad about her loss. 


The dog could also be seen in the video holding the body of one of her puppies in her mouth as her owner gently pats her. Qin tries to slowly remove the dead puppy from between her teeth. But even though he may have succeeded a few times, the dog continued to insist on being with her puppies. In one instance, the dog is seen walking away with one of the puppies along a narrow, muddy path. But Qin is there by his grieving dog and comforting her. He even manages to convince his dog to let go of the puppy and holds it in his hand while consoling the dog. It is unclear if there were other puppies in the litter who survived.


The loss of puppies could cause a mother dog to become depressed, as per Farewell Pet. This is especially true if she loses her entire litter. "Dogs who have had their puppies removed surgically do not usually become depressed or understand that they had puppies who are now gone," the site states. "However, a mother dog who has delivered them often will mourn for her lost puppies." At times, if one or more puppies in the litter die, the dog will try to focus on the ones that are alive. They do show other signs of mourning like loss of appetite or eagerness to play. In this case, the mourning is of a more serious nature.


In the Philippines last year, when a mother dog lost her puppy, she decided to dig a grave for it herself. In a video, the dog named Bettie can be seen digging a hole and then placing the lifeless body of her puppy in it. She covered the hole and lay on top of it, grieving. The mother dog gave up after trying to revive her and let her maternal instinct to bury her own puppy take over, reported Metro. Bettie's owner, Lenny Rose Ellema said: "We did not train her to do it. We were amazed when she first did that last year with another puppy. She is a special dog."

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