Groom doesn't tell bride he's having a baby with his ex but drama unfolds when the pregnant ex gatecrashes their wedding

Groom doesn't tell bride he's having a baby with his ex but drama unfolds when the pregnant ex gatecrashes their wedding

Just moments after she said, "I do," the bride founds out the man she married was soon going to be a father.

Before getting married and taking vows to spend the rest of your life with someone, you would probably want to know things about them. Things like their favorite meal, whether they are okay with PDA, and of course, if they have fathered a child behind your back.

The groom in this story did not think it was important to tell his bride-to-be that he was expecting a child with this ex-girlfriend. And he certainly didn't expect his secret would be out in the most dramatic way—at his wedding with none other than his ex delivering the news directly to his new bride right after the ceremony. Apparently, the bride knew the ex was pregnant, but she had no idea who the father was.

However, the main character behind this reality-TV-like situation is the groom's grandmother who chose to invite the ex to the wedding.

Five months pregnant, the ex admitted that she wasn't invited by the couple. However, it was the groom's grandma who invited her. 

"I wasn't personally invited nor was I told anything about it from him even though we spoke daily," the woman wrote on Reddit under the username wedding_crasher24. "Well I found out about it from his grandmother (we're close) and she suggested I 'gate crash' and that she would cover for me (think she doesn't like the bride). I was interested in going because I wanted to find some closure since we had broken up rather quickly a few months before and I still wasn't over him. So I said yes."

Soon enough, the big day came around, and the grandmother had the ex over as a wedding guest.  "...We watched the ceremony. It was beautiful. I shed a few tears but it really solidified things. I was ready to leave afterward but his grandmother pushed me to go to the reception as well and sit next to her at the family table. Pretty awkward but I went," she wrote.

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She went on mingling with the family and guests present at the ceremony and things were going absolutely fine until the newlyweds walked over to her. 

"They came and greeted and she congratulated me on the pregnancy. I thanked her and said something about how I couldn't wait to co-parent with the two of them. Turns out that she didn't know that I was pregnant (5 months at the time) with his child the whole time," the ex wrote. "She lost her shit and ran out. He tried to run after her but then her dad came and started a scene. Lucky for me, my ex's brother came and helped get me out of there as soon as possible."

Talking about the aftermath of her gatecrashing the wedding, the woman wrote that the groom still asks for pregnancy updates. "But I recently heard from his grandmother they broke up and got an annulment. The 'bride' weirdly still follows me and comments/likes my pictures so I think she's fine with me," she said. However, she was still wondering whether she was wrong in the situation. Giving some clarification about their relationship, the woman also wrote, "We dated for 3 years before he got into his relationship with her and then rekindled things during their break (which they both had partners)."

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Many believed that everybody in the story, except for the bride, had done something wrong. CatSamuel wrote, "You're [the a**hole] for gatecrashing a wedding you weren't invited to. That's never cool. Grandmother is the [the a**hole] for sneaking you in. Your ex is [the a**hole] for not telling the bride you were expecting his baby. The only innocent person here is the bride."

Some even speculated that the grandmother had planned for this entire situation to play out. "I have a sneaking suspicion that grandma planned for all this to happen. Clearly the (briefly) wife didn’t know about the baby and she definitely deserved to know. I’m wondering if grandma coaxed [the ex] into attending specifically to let the bride know," said lurker86753.

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OKflyboy also said, "Don't go to weddings you weren't invited to. Groom's Grandma, don't invite people to a wedding that isn't yours. Groom, maybe tell your fiance if you got someone that wasn't her pregnant."

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