Groom kicks out his sister and her boyfriend from his wedding after his kids were locked up in the bedroom

Groom kicks out his sister and her boyfriend from his wedding after his kids were locked up in the bedroom

Before the wedding, the sister's fiancé made it clear that he hated having kids around and always tried excluding them at family events.

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In the days that led to his wedding, a groom imagined himself having his stepchildren watch as he tied the knot with their mother and officially become a father figure in their lives. However, when the big day arrived, the groom was enraged when he found out his stepchildren were locked up inside a bedroom because his sister's fiancé hated kids. The groom revealed that his sister met her now-fiancé, Tim, about two years ago. And each time they met at their parents' house, Tim would try to exclude the stepchildren from being a part of their family events.

"Tim doesn't like kids. He's made it clear how much he's uncomfortable being around them. Every time I brought my kids to my parents house. Tim'd start acting out. He tried to in-directly ban the kids from visiting their grandparents house," the groom wrote on Reddit after the bitter experience at his wedding. The man went on to explain that he and his now-wife had planned for a small wedding and celebration that would take place at their house.

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"Tim asked if there were gonna be kids at the wedding," the man wrote. "...He tried to talk us out-of involving my kids in the wedding and make it an adult event but I told him to keep his thoughts to himself. My kids were excited to be part of the wedding." For a portion of the wedding, the children were around because Tim and the sister arrived late. But when they finally did, Tim looked visibly upset.

"He suddenly offered to take the kids to bathroom so they wash up before eating," the groom recalled. "Minutes later he came back, I asked were the kids were. He said he took them to their bedroom cause they wanted to play with their toys I thought it was out of character for them. I wondered why they suddenly didn't want to eat since they said they were hungry. I wanted to check on them but got busy with my aunt's ankle-injury."

Eventually, the groom's younger sister came up to him and told him she found the kids inside the bedroom with the door locked. A wave of panic took over the bride and groom until Tim finally said he was the one who locked them up.

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"I took the key and got the kids out," the groom went on to say. "My daughter told me Tim said I didn't want them to go outside and that I'd punish them if they did. They're my kids now of course I want them to be in my wedding. My wife was speechless. I lost my sh*t on Tim I called him a cruel, selfish for lying and doing this to my kids trying to exclude them. and told him to get out. My sister defended him and was crying calling me offensive names. I kicked her out too."

Later, the man saw his parents siding with his sister and Tim, and they said he went too far by kicking them out. But the newlywed husband stood by his actions and is currently thinking of going for a "no contact" situation with his sister. After reading the man's post, a number of Reddit users shared their opinions, including Joxem13, who said, "Hold on, this guy came to YOUR house, got YOUR kids and locked them in their room? This is beyond cruel, that was dangerous and that man is dangerous to have around. Ask your sister if this is the kind of man she wants to have around when married, god forbid she ever gets pregnant by accident."

"If children make him uncomfortable, he can refuse to invite them to his house. He can refuse to go places where he knows they’ll be," snootnoots added. "He does not get to lure them away from their parents, threaten them with punishment, and lock them up!"

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