Illustrator can turn your pet's photo into an adorable Disney character & people just can't get enough of it

Illustrator can turn your pet's photo into an adorable Disney character & people just can't get enough of it

Dutch illustrator Isa Bredt loves Disney and drawing. She decided to combine it to create her magic.

The happiness of having a pet can be understood only by a person who has one. No matter what your mood is, having your pet by your side is an antidote. It is amazing how they easily fix your bad moods and make you smile with ease. Moreover, those creatures sometimes understand your mood swings better than people. Undoubtedly, we feel our pets are adorable and our best companions.

Knowing people's love for animals, even Disney has created many cute animal characters. Some sociologists stated that the animals in these cartoons underwent "disneyfication." According to Bored Panda, this term is used to explain "the commercial transformation of a society to resemble the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, based on rapid Western-style globalization and consumerist lifestyles."


However, one Dutch illustrator decided to change the meaning of this word to something that is more personal to people. Twenty-two-year-old Isa Bredt decided to use her artistic abilities to convert the pictures of people's pets into Disney-style illustrations. Anyone who sees her illustration will notice her impeccable skills and how she managed to successfully transform pets into characters that look as if it was from a Disney movie. Everything from expressions to facial features is carefully recreated by Bredt.


Speaking of her profession, Bredt stated that she was motivated by her love of art and drawing. She then went to pursue a course in illustration and animation. However, Bredt quit her course during the third year. But, soon she stumbled upon pet Disneyfication. Being a Disney fan and an animal lover, she felt it was the perfect thing to do.


Ever since then, Bredt has focused on creating some amazing illustrations. "Pet disneyfications is something I did very sporadically in my free time for about 5 years. I started because I was and still am a big fan of both drawing animals and the old Disney style. I am just a very big fan. The Lion King is my all-time favorite movie, I used to watch it daily as a child. I adore the old animal movies; Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, the Aristocats."


The illustrator first started making the drawing through a subreddit in 2014. She offered free drawings to people just hoping to practice. "There was a subreddit where you could offer free art to people. I wanted to practice the Disney style, so I offered free drawings for people who would send me pictures of their pets," said the artist. Her artwork became quite popular and people appreciated her for her work.


"I did this a few times and people really enjoyed it, though I wasn't very good yet. Then, last summer, I decided to take on commissions as a summer job because I didn't want to work in the foodservice industry again, and it went well enough that I decided to create an Instagram and do the commissions as a side job." After her initial success, she started making illustrations for pet shelters to help the animals get adopted.


Bredt's work has become very popular on Facebook. Many commented on her drawings and applauded her talent. "They are all so beautiful, the artist has amazing talent. I wish I could get one done of my beloved pets that passed away 💔 Best wishes to the artists, may you be blessed with countless opportunities to show the world your wonderful art. xoxoxo," wrote one person after seeing her illustrations. Others told her that those illustrations made them smile. "Makes my heart smile. So precious. Thank you to this artist for these lovely renderings of these adorable fur babies," wrote another.

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