14-YO girl missing for a month says she ran away from home after suffering years of her mother's abuse

14-YO girl missing for a month says she ran away from home after suffering years of her mother's abuse

She was found safe in New York City after disappearing in October while visiting a deli in East Orange, New Jersey.

Trigger warning: The story contains details of child abuse that might be distressing to some readers.

When 14-year-old Jashyah Moore went missing, her mother slammed authorities for not doing enough to find her missing child. It was only after Jashyah was found about a month later when authorities discovered she ran away because of her own mother's abuse.

The mother, 40-year-old Jamie Moore, told cops that her daughter ran away after visiting a deli in East Orange on October 14, 2021. She later claimed her daughter was "abducted," and a widespread search was carried out to find Jashyah. Jamie painted a picture for the media as a mother, desperately trying to search for her daughter.


A month-long search later, Jashyah was found to be safe after spending her time in different locations throughout New Jersey and New York City. She recently stayed at a shelter in Brooklyn, according to Theodore N. Stephens II, acting Essex County prosecutor.

"The young lady appears to have run away," he said, as quoted by NBC News. "And she did not want to make herself known to anyone as to where she was. She seemed to be ... more so at ease where she was."

Investigations revealed that Jamie allegedly abused the young teenager for several years. The mother would physically and verbally abuse her and even forced her to go out on the streets and beg for money. If she didn't come back home with a certain amount, Jamie would hit her, sometimes with objects like a frying pan.


While at home, Jashyah was also expected to take care of her 3-year-old brother. She was the one who had to cook for them, and they would have to stay hungry if she didn't. Because Jashyah had to care for the child, she even missed days of virtual school classes before. Jamie is also accused of refusing to enroll her daughter for the new school year of 2021-22.

In addition to this, Jamie is accused of stabbing Jashyah in her shoulder, spraying her eyes with breach, and even pulling out her braids.


A criminal complaint was filed in an Essex County court and revealed details how Jamie allegedly abused her child over the years. The complaint says Jashyah told her mother she lost their EBT card (used to help families buy food) on the day she ran away. Jamie verbally and physically abused Jashyah, who left the house and never returned after that.

After Jashyah went missing, her mother spoke to the media in a manner that showed she was greatly concerned about her daughter's welfare.

"I cannot imagine what she might be going through just being away from us this long, being away from her family who loves her very much," the mother said at a press conference, as quoted by NBC News. "If anybody knows anything, please, please come forward."


Following the filing of the complaint against Jamie's mother, Jashyah and her three-year-old brother were removed from her custody by the state Division of Child Protection and Permanency.

Jamie was arrested on charges of second-degree endangering the welfare of a child, which include “allegations of physical abuse and also neglect,” according to a statement from the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office in New Jersey.


Cover image source: Inside Edition/YouTube

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