The Bidens may adopt a kitten and one DC animal shelter has offered them 3 furry options for the next White House cat

The Bidens may adopt a kitten and one DC animal shelter has offered them 3 furry options for the next White House cat

Jill Biden revealed that her husband promised her a cat if he wins the election this year.

Source: (L) Joe Biden/Instagram and (R) Humane Rescue/Twitter

When Joe Biden finally takes over the White House, there might be a cat that wants to follow him into the oval office and sit on his lap as he discusses big changes for the country.

Reports have revealed that the president-elect and future First Lady Jill Biden are interested in welcoming a new member to the family to join their two German shepherds, Champ and Major. As the couple prepares to move to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they also revealed to CBS Sunday Morning that they might soon have a cat with them, hence, assuring people that there will be enough 'woofs' and 'meows' echoing through the halls after four pet-free years at the White House.


Following reports of Biden wanting to adopt a cat, the biggest animal shelter in DC has featured a litter of newborn kittens that can join the running to become the next White House cat.

The shelter, Humane Rescue Alliance, believed all the three kittens would make great additions to Biden's "Catbinet," and all he had to do was pick one from the adorable litter. Born on November 26, the kittens were named Rehoboth, Lewes, and Bethany as a nod to Biden's love for the beaches in Delaware.

"You get the Purr-residential pick of the litter!" the shelter said on Twitter.


The mother of the three kittens was found in Northeast DC’s Michigan Park, just a couple of weeks before the kittens' births.

On November 10, animal control officers received a call that informed them about a stray cat that seemed to be pregnant, and when they arrived at the park, they found the Siamese cat, now named Cattleya, who is around 2 years old. After the pregnant cat was placed in a foster home, Cattleya gave birth around two weeks later to Rehoboth, Lewes, and Bethany.


While talking about the kittens, Samantha Miller, the media relations manager for the Humane Rescue Alliance, revealed that Bethany and Lewes are the bold ones of the litter and they don't hesitate to be away from the mother, according to Washingtonian. Miller also mentioned that Rehoboth loves to sleep on top of her mama and is "exceptionally cuddly."

All four of the cats are doing well at the moment, and Cattleya was described as a great mama cat, giving ample cuddles to her kittens when they need it.

Will one of these adorable cats follow the Biden family into the White House? We would have to wait to find out.


Back in September, Jill Biden revealed that her husband promised her a cat if he ends up winning the presidential elections of 2020.

"Well, I’d love to get a cat. I love having animals around the house," Jill Biden told Fox 5 anchor Angie Goff, as reported by Today.

More than a decade back, Biden had made a similar promise to his wife and said that they would get a dog if they became the country's second couple. So, in 2008, after Obama won the election and after Biden became the country's vice president, Biden fulfilled his promise to Jill and they got their German Shepherd from a breeder. It was Biden's granddaughters that named the puppy Champ, which was also the nickname Biden's father called him by.


The Biden couple later adopted Major in 2018, who is now set to be the first rescue dog that came straight from an animal shelter to live in the White House.

The only hope that pet-lovers now have is to see a cat also join the two German Shepherds as the Biden family puts furry friends back in the White House.