Joe and Jill Biden talk about the most important Thanksgiving tradition they've shared together as a family

Joe and Jill Biden talk about the most important Thanksgiving tradition they've shared together as a family

They acknowledged and showed their gratitude for the sacrifices that millions of Americans have made this year for the holiday.

The words, 'count your reasons to be grateful,' matter so much more in 2020 than it ever did in a long time.

As President-elect, Joe Biden and the next first lady, Jill Biden wished the entire country for Thanksgiving, the couple reflected on how the holiday this year is nothing like how it usually is; yet, the tradition of being grateful for what we do have is something we should all hold on to.

"This Thanksgiving, tables throughout our country will have an empty chair," the couple wrote in a piece for CNN. "It may be for the loved one who can't travel or the parent stationed overseas. Perhaps it's for your sister or brother just across town -- staying away to protect everyone during this pandemic, making sure next year will be celebrated together. For the families of the Americans lost this year, that chair is another reminder that someone they love will never come home again."


The soon-to-be First Couple acknowledged that millions of Americans would be letting go of their family traditions. And they mentioned how there may be no "clatter of cooking" and no "playful bickering amongst the grandkids" this year, which are not small sacrifices for people to make.

"Still, like you, our family will hold on to our most important tradition: taking a moment to count the many reasons we have to be grateful," the couple wrote.


Taking a moment to show their gratitude to those who took up the big fight against the pandemic, Jill and Joe Biden said they were grateful to "the frontline workers who have never stopped showing up over these long and confusing months," to "...the health care workers who put in long shifts and isolate themselves from their loved ones," and to "...the educators who learned to teach in virtual classrooms almost overnight..."


"We are grateful for the parents who have carried their families through the chaos," the couple said and added, "We are grateful for the researchers and scientists who have spent this year learning everything they can to understand how to fight this pandemic and are working tirelessly to find a vaccine and therapeutics."

As they counted their reasons to be grateful, the couple also said, "We are grateful for the American spirit of our people, who do not cower in the face of crisis and hardship but instead come together to lift up one another. All those who lost jobs but not heart, who donated to food banks or asked their neighbors, What can I do? How can I help? We're grateful for everyone who reminded us that we are bigger than the challenges we face."

"Most of all, we are grateful for the faith and trust we have been given to continue serving this beautiful, brave, complicated nation as your future President and first lady," the couple added.



What pushed us all through this year was "collective strength," and the couple said this is what showed us "that we can be apart without being alone."

In a few weeks, the citizens of America will not only be ringing in a new year but also welcoming a new President and First Lady. And as Jill and Joe Biden prepare themselves for the role, they also said "there is nothing this country can't do" if we fight with "courage, compassion and a commitment."

Wishing the American people with a heartfelt message for Thanksgiving, the couple signed off by saying, "May the emptiness at our tables and in our hearts be filled with memories of love and laughter. May we cherish our traditions, even when they are out of reach, and hold on to the hope of what's still to come. We're going to get through this together, even if we have to be apart. Happy Thanksgiving, from the Biden family to yours."



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