Fourth-grader rallies his whole class to protest after school pulls chocolate milk from its menu

Fourth-grader rallies his whole class to protest after school pulls chocolate milk from its menu

Jordan Reed and his classmates were very upset with the decision of removing their favorite beverage from the menu and knew that there was only one way to fight back.

When the school took off chocolate milk from its menu, a group of fourth-graders led by one of their 9-year-old classmates, Jordan Reed, decided to protest. "We used to have it but then they just took it away," the tiny tot told NBC affiliate KCRA-TV. Another student told the outlet that flavored milk used to be very popular among young students. "You'd be lucky to get a spot for chocolate milk because it would all be gone," shared sixth-grader Wesson Markowski. Then it was taken off the menu completely. 

Jordan Reed and his classmates were extremely upset with the judgment passed by school officials and knew there was one way to get their beloved chocolate milk back. Thus, the students at Sierra Vista K-8 School in Vacaville recently staged a protest about a 2020 decision to remove chocolate milk from lunch menus at schools across the district.

On Friday, 26 students in Reed's class came together in an effort to bring back the delicious beverage, and guess what, it worked! "I felt good about it," noted Reed. "I brought back something that everybody wanted." Explaining the reason behind removing the chocolate milk from schools in the first place, Culinary Manager and District chef, Richie Wilim, told The Washington Post that the drink has high sugar content.


But following the adorable protest, Wilim said that the school is planning to offer the beverage once a week. Per reports, the idea to stage a protest was actually inspired by Jordan's teacher, Emily Doss, who gave her students an assignment that closely reminded them of their situation. On that particular day, Doss assigned a Scholastic News article titled Should Schools Serve Flavored Milk? to her class.

It was about a fourth-grader in Missouri who went on to petition to reintroduce strawberry milk in school. Seems like, this lesson had a huge impact on Jordan who immediately began prepping for a protest right after he got home. With chants like "What do we want? Chocolate milk! When do we want it? Now!" and signs that read, "Justice," "We need it please," and "Less regular, more chocolate," Reed was all set to protest. 


When Doss got wind of it, she gathered her students and urged them to make more signs and even come up with solid arguments that would help them plead their case. Following their class, the students left to protest in front of the school, reports KCRA. They knew they were heading in the right direction when the district's director of student nutrition agreed to meet with the group to hear their grievances.

Reed argued that only having regular milk resulted in increased wastage as his classmates would drink less of it. He also claimed that due to the reduced consumption, students would be getting fewer nutrients like vitamin D and calcium. By the end of it, the kids managed to persuade school officials for a compromise. Doss couldn't have been more proud of her students. "It started off as not being a big thing, and then it just kind of took off. It went from a review lesson to this huge life lesson for these kids," she explained. 

Cover image source: YouTube Screenshot | ABC7 News Bay Area

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