There's a new "microwave" that can chill your beer in a 1 minute

There's a new "microwave" that can chill your beer in a 1 minute

Beer. Wine. Coffee. Tea. Juice. You can pop in anything you want and get your drink chilled, in a minute.

Having your beer when it's warm is just downright outrageous! If you cringe every time you open up a warm can of beer because you just don't have the time for your freezer to do its thing, then this life-saving appliance is what your tabletop needs.

Say hello to Juno, the answer to your "why is this beer taking so long to chill?" problems. It works sort of like a microwave but it does the exact opposite. It's just what impatient white wine fans and beer-lovers need to get their drinks to the perfect temperature.

Call it magic, call it sorcery, call it witchcraft. Call it anything you want but this thing can get your beer chilled in under a minute. Mind-blown? So, are we.

With this 'reverse microwave' around, you don't have to fret about your beers being to warm when your buddies suddenly show up at your door.

Juno can "rapidly chill a full sized bottle of white wine to 50º F in 3 minutes, and a bottle of beer in less than 1 minute," as stated by the product's description. But that's not all. It can also "turn your freshly brewed coffee cold, transform your hot tea into iced tea, and cool your favorite beer or soda, right in the can."


And who do you have to thank for this little handy invention? The poeple at Matrix Industries, a Menlo Park-based startup founded by two chemists from Caltech.

Meng He, the VP of product for Matrix Industries, spoke while Juno was unveiled at CES 2020, according to Forbes. "We asked ourselves, 'What are the pain points we're solving for the average consumer?'" He said. "We thought about cooling on demand. Not just fast, but also give users the option to decide how cold do I want my beverage to be?"


Juno also comes with an LED status bar that tells you when your beer, wine, or can-of-whatever is ready. That's just Faaaaancy.


So, if you don't have the time, but you have the money for Juno, you can get yourself one through Indiegogo.

The product is planned to be priced at $299 but early birds who donate to their crowdfunding campaign can get it for $199. But hold on before you jump to order one for yourself. Ordering a product that has not been released yet does come with its own risks. You might not get it on time or the product might be somewhat different.

But if you do choose to get it, you're in for a 2 step-process of getting your beer chilled. Step 1: Pop it in. Step 2: Count to 60 (or let the LED do it's thing).

Voilà! Chilled beer is served.

If not beer, you can also get ice cold drinks without any ice by putting in a can of juice, soda, and more.

Say goodbye to those days where you had to drink warm beverages while muttering curses under your breath or those days where you left a champagne bottle in the freezer to quickly chill and then completely forgot out it, ending up with a disaster.

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