Keanu Reeves's father regrets abandoning him when he was a child, says, 'he wants nothing to do with me'

Keanu Reeves's father regrets abandoning him when he was a child, says, 'he wants nothing to do with me'

"I never figured things would end up this way," his father said. "But he'll always be my boy."

He has touched the peak of success and fame as well as experiences the worst of tragedies in one lifetime. The series of heartbreaks that Keanu Reeves has been through began right from his childhood when his father walked out on his family.

Keanu Reeves and his sister Kim were born to Patricia Taylor, a costume designer and showgirl, and Samuel Reeves, a geologist in Beirut, Lebanon. The actor was only three years old when his father abandoned his family, leaving Patricia Taylor alone to raise the two children all by herself. Throughout his younger years, Keanu Reeves and his sister would move around with their mother quite a bit and have lived in Hawaii, Australia, and even New York. Finally, Patricia Taylor settled down in Canada with her children, according to The Sun.

Although Samuel Reeves was barely around in his childhood, his actions were still able to fill Keanu Reeves with pain. The last time he spoke to his father was around the age of 13, according to a Rolling Stone interview in 2000.


Years after being abandoned by his father, when the actor became a world-famous star, his father was arrested for the possession of cocaine and heroin in the 1990s. Samuel Reeves was given a sentence of 10 years behind bars.

"The story with me and my dad’s pretty heavy. It’s full of pain and woe and f***ing loss and all that s**t," Keanu Reeves said, according to Rolling Stone.

Not having a father figure in his life has affected him "in so many ways," he said. When the interviewer touched upon his father being in jail, the actor said, "It’s his life, man. I hope he’s well. Whatever that means."

Keanu Reeves at the Japan premiere of 'John Wick: Chapter 2' at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, Japan on June 13, 2017. (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Christopher Jue)

It was reported that in the mid-90s, Keanu Reeves's father tried to get in touch with him but the actor didn't pay heed.

Samuel Reeves has opened up about his estranged relationship with Keanu Reeves and blamed himself for the broken, practically non-existant relationship they share. The last memory that he has of his now-famous son is one where Keanu Reeves is still a little boy and they're in Hawaii's Big Island, splashing around in the water.

"Occasionally, the spray would wash over the shelf, and the water would rush around our legs, and I would lift him up and hold him really tight," said Samuel Reeves, according to Mirror. "Then this big old wave really almost swept us right out. I caught my boy just as he was being sucked away by knee-deep water. I think Keanu was 11."


The father admits that his addiction to drugs and his shifty lifestyle stopped him from having a proper relationship with Kim and Keanu Reeves. From afar, Samuel Reeves has seen his son go through tragic moments, which include the actor losing his daughter after she was stillborn and losing the mother of his child, Jennifer Syme, whom he once loved.

"I pretty much know what he's doing, but he's made it clear that he wants nothing to do with me," Samuel Reeves said about his son. "I'm embarrassed by it all. Keanu said my life was 'tragic' and, oh boy, does that hurt. Sad, yeah? I never figured things would end up this way. But he'll always be my boy."

Keanu Reeves didn't have his father around for most of his life, neither through the star-studded moments of success and nor through the heartbreaking ones. But now, he does have one important person in his life who can make the going a little easier. And that is artist Alexandra Grant, who is now in a relationship with Keanu Reeves.

Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves at the Saint Laurent Mens Spring Summer 20 Show Photo Call in Malibu, California on June 06, 2019. (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Neilson Barnard)

The star from The Matrix series knows what it's like to grow up without a parent in the picture, to lose his daughter and the woman he was close to, and even his close friend.

He once told Parade magazine, "People have a misconception that you can deal with it and say, 'It's gone, and I’m better.' They’re wrong. When the people you love are gone, you’re alone."

What the many, many fans of Keanu Reeves hope for now is that with Alexandra Grant by his side, he feels a little less alone. 

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