Teen, who pretended to pregnant, kidnaps newborn and tells family it's hers

Teen, who pretended to pregnant, kidnaps newborn and tells family it's hers

19-year-old Kassidy Lauziere-Cuevas drove away with the 4-day-old daughter of a woman she had befriended on social media.

A Massachusetts mother found herself living her worst nightmare last month when a woman who posed to be a fellow mother and friend took off with her infant. The Worcester resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told WHDH about the moment when a 19-year-old woman named Kassidy Lauziere-Cuevas drove away with her 4-day-old daughter. "My whole life was in her car," she shared. "It was horrible. I started praying and all that stuff, and everybody started sharing my daughter’s picture." The mother had befriended Lauziere-Cuevas on social media and had been talking to her for months before she gave birth in August. She believed that the teen was a fellow mother who could understand what she was going through. 

"She was giving me advice like a mom you know, so I thought she was a mom. Which, I guess she’s not a mom," said the mother who has been left disturbed by the turn of events. On Saturday, August 21, Lauziere-Cuevas invited the young mom for coffee in a public setting and she readily agreed thinking it was a kind gesture from a friend. "I’ve been tired, I just gave birth, I was like, 'Oh yeah my friend is going to take me out for some coffee,'" explained the unsuspecting mother. What was supposed to be their first outing together turned out to be the final one. 


When they met, the woman noticed that the Millbury resident did not have her child with her. "She said her kid was in daycare when I asked, 'Where’s the baby?'" she explained. Little did she know at that point that the teen had ill intentions from the get-go. Next, the mom went into a nearby station to grab the coffee and by the time she returned, Lauziere-Cuevas had already left the place with the newborn in the car, revealed police. Understandably, the woman was left traumatized and in disbelief of what had happened to her. "I just kept saying she took my daughter because I didn’t even know how to process that my daughter was gone," she shared. 

After impatiently waiting for four painful hours, cops received a call about a man leaving an infant at a Subway restaurant. Thankfully, it was the woman's precious child. "I just took my daughter to the hospital, everything came out fine. Thank god that everything came out fine," said the relieved mother. While investigating, police identified the man who left the baby at the restaurant as Daquan Jefferson. According to MassLive, the suspect met up with Jefferson, her 23-year-old boyfriend, after taking off with the baby. After reaching out to the suspect's family, they learned that Lauziere-Cueva had told her family and friends that she was pregnant for months. However, they suspected that she was lying about it.


A few hours into the search, the teen's mother learned from her daughter's friend that Jefferson and Lauziere-Cuevas were seen boarding a bus for Lincoln Street. Next, they were sitting in a Subway restaurant on Lincoln Street. As authorities closed in, they left the child in the care of a person and fled the scene but were caught at a nearby Wendy's where they had managed to have a change of clothing. The two have since been charged with kidnapping and reckless endangerment of a child. Assistant District Attorney Lina Pashou revealed that Lauziere-Cuevas told her boyfriend, she had given birth to her child but their baby was DCF custody and that's he was forbidden to see it. 

Jefferson’s lawyer, Jim Kaeding, argued that his client had no hand in the kidnapping and that he was not even aware of it until police began chasing them. "It was only when he was in the Subway restaurant that it became clear to him what Miss Cuevas had done," Kaeding told a judge. "At that point, he did not call the police but did the next best thing which was to ensure that the baby was with someone else and would be returned to the police knowing the police were coming." While proceedings continue, the newborn's mother is relieved that her daughter was found alive and well. "I feel like everybody stares at me like why she left her daughter," she said. "She was supposed to be my friend." The woman hopes that her story serves as a lesson for other mothers. 

Cover image source: YouTube Screenshot | CBS Boston

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