'But are you registered to vote?': Kylie Jenner's bikini photos result in thousands of new voter registrations

'But are you registered to vote?': Kylie Jenner's bikini photos result in thousands of new voter registrations

She single-handedly drove up the website traffic for online registrations by 1500%

How would you get the young people of America to vote?

Throw a dozen marketing graduates in the same room and push them to come up with an ad campaign? 


Put a popular politician behind a podium and give him a well-scripted speech that urges the people to register themselves to vote?


Forget all of those tried-and-tested methods from the past because none of that compares to the ingenuity of Kylie Jenner in a bikini. With nearly 200 million followers on Instagram, Kylie Jenner was able to singlehandedly drive people online to get themselves to register before the November elections begin.


Posting glamorous shots of herself in a bathing suit on Instagram, the 23-year-old beauty mogul stole the attention of people online. And once they were reeled in, they got to read her caption: "but are you registered to vote? click the link in my bio.. let’s make a plan to vote together."

That one post was enough to cause a massive surge in traffic on the Vote.org website. The website, which allows for online voter registration and verification, saw a 1500% increase in the website's use through Instagram when compared to the day before the reality TV star posted the pictures. The website also saw an 80 percent increase in the total number of users on the website that day.


"Following Kylie Jenner's Instagram post, the surge in interactions with Vote.org's registration verification tool speaks to an energy among young Americans who want to make sure their voices are heard this election," said Andrea Hailey, the CEO of Vote.org, according to The Hill

Hoping to get as many registrations as possible, Hailey revealed that the website tries to reduce as many obstacles as possible for young voters to register, keeping the upcoming elections in mind. The CEO added, "By making voting easier, and in turn, getting more people to vote, we create a stronger, more representative democracy."


We hope you have registered yourself but in case you haven't, follow the link: Vote.org

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