Loyal dog waits a week on the train tracks hoping his parents would come back

Loyal dog waits a week on the train tracks hoping his parents would come back

The sweet animal refused to move from the last place he’d seen his owners who abandoned him.

When it comes to unconditional love, we can learn a thing or two from dogs. A black Lab mix was thrown from a car onto railroad tracks and instead of focussing on survival, the abandoned animal was firstly hoping his owners would come back for him. He refused to move from the tracks and didn't even go looking for food. Even though it was dangerous and he was probably starving he waited for a week just in case his family would come back for him. Suzette Hall often gets messages every day about stray dogs around Irvine, California and all stories of abandonment are heartbreaking. This particular story was even more so as it highlighted the stark contrast between the owner and the animal's heart.



“They always wait when they’re dumped because they’re so loyal and they think that the person is coming back,” Hall told The Dodo. “I was so scared that he was going to get hit by a train … The gal who originally noticed him said it was like he would barely move until the train was almost there.” When arrived at the train tracks the pooch was exactly where the Good Samaritan said he’d be. “At first, he got up and started to run, but I threw chicken his way and it made him stop,” Hall said. “He was very scared and hesitant.” She was able to get a hold of the frightened animal using a a trap with chicken and hot dogs inside. She had to be hidden from his sight so as not to startle him. “Sometimes, when I’m trapping a dog, it feels like I’m watching paint dry because it can take a long time,” Hall said. “I’m known to sleep in my car to rescue a dog because I don’t give up.”The animal was so hungry that he quickly came by a few minutes later and she was able to securely get him in the trap. Hall aptly named the dog Soldier, and immediately took him to the vet.



The sweet loyal canine got treated Camino Pet Hospital and is now with a fosterparent till he finds a forever home. At the hospital he got medicated baths and plenty of food. He seems to be in a much happier place even wagging his tail while being pet by the vet techs. 



Soldier deserves a loving family who will value and appreciate his sweet soul and his loyalty and give him tons of belly rubs and affection. In return, they can be rest assured to receive uncoditional love; such a rarity in today's world.





Representational Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Carmen Schwarz / 500px

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