Fans who had met Robin Williams in real life share what it was like to interact with the incredibly wonderful man

Fans who had met Robin Williams in real life share what it was like to interact with the incredibly wonderful man

While some fans met him on a flight others met him during his show, but all of them have only praises for him.

Robin Williams was one of the most beloved celebrities of all time. He could make the world laugh with him with his performance in Mrs. Doubtfire and even cry by playing John Keating in Dead Poet Society. The late actor created a name for himself in the industry as a person who not only loved his work but also the people outside the realm of cinema. His work towards helping the homeless was a mirror reflecting how humble and kind-hearted he was.

While some of us appreciated him through his work on screen and through reading the frequent news clips, there are few who had the opportunity to meet the legend in person and experience the few minutes that he spent with them.

A Reddit user recently wished the late actor and asked other users if they had ever met him. u/kqed wrote, "Happy birthday to Robin Williams (1951-2014), who'd have been 69 today. If you have a 'I met Robin Williams around the Bay Area one time' story, we'd love to hear it." The user's desire to read people's experiences with the actor was appreciated by many as the post received more than 200 comments.

Source: Reddit | Photo by mpyles10

MSeanF described the time he met the Good Morning Vietnam actor. He wrote, "Back in the day I was the kitchen manager at Josie's Cabaret & Juice Joint. Robin Williams occasionally attended some of our performances. One afternoon I answered the reservation phone and the voice on the other end asked me to hold for 'Mr. Williams Executive Assistant'. After several rapid-fire voice changes, I was 'transferred' to 'his special secretary' who sounded quite a bit like Mrs. Doubtfire."

The user continued, "This 'secretary' proceeded to reserve 4 tickets for Robin Williams and then switched to his regular voice and gave me his credit card information. It was only as I hung up that I realized I had just been treated to an exclusive Robin Williams performance."

Source: Reddit | Photo by EARMUFFS-GAMING

Another user whose account has been deleted wrote on another forum r/nextfuckinglevel, "I have a picture with him when he came to see us in Iraq, in 2004. After the show he stuck around as long as people wanted to see him. When I got to him he looked down at me (I was a 5’1, 110lb paratrooper), eyes filled with an absolute sadness and hugged me...he hugged me like a father hugged his son, full of love and kindness. He embraced me for what felt like was an eternity, then posed for the photo."

"When that was done, he put both hands on my shoulders and said 'I’ll see you again one day - you promise me that. Years later when I’d learned of his death, I felt, and still do feel, very lucky to have shared that moment with him. He cared deeply for others and I hope he keeps his end of the bargain with me. One day," the user concluded.

The post is flooded with people sharing their experiences of meeting the comedian at the most common places in the most unusual ways. One such user met the actor at a bicycle race. Narrating his experience, frenchvanilla wrote, "My dad took me to see a bicycle race in SF when I was very young. I literally bumped into this strange man wearing bright yellow socks that had the nuclear radiation trefoil pattern on them. My dad said 'This is Robin Williams!!' and I shook his hand but asked who he was. My dad said Genie from Aladin and Robin said 'You will know who I am one day.'"

Source: Reddit | Photo by moxie422
Source: Reddit | Photo by moxie422

Another user met the boisterous actor in the toy store he worked at. Explaining about the interaction with the actor, Saithier wrote, "He came into a toy store I used to work at in Berkeley with one of his children (a boy), who must have been about three or four at the time (this was ~1994). I wanted to respect his privacy and so didn't speak with him, but did get treated to a special performance when he picked up a furry folk wolf puppet. He went crazy with it entertaining his son, who was absolutely in stitches. It was amazing to watch. He was so focused and present with his kid; I imagine it must have been quite an experience to grow up with him as a father."

"He ended up buying the wolf puppet, which I assume went on to an illustrious career at the Williams household," added the user.

User gravitythrone witnessed Williams' love and care for the homeless first hand. Narrating the experience the user penned, "As I was going into the Starbucks in Presidio Heights (Spruce/Cali) in about 2002, I passed a homeless man on the corner panhandling."

"Put in my order and was looking out the window and there is Robin Williams having a conversation with that same homeless man. Got my coffee and as I’m walking out I see Robin Williams giving the man an actual hug and passing him some cash," the user added and continued, "Robin Williams not only 'saw' him, but also took the time to talk to him and show him some compassion. This event actually changed my own way of looking at the homeless."

Source: Reddit | Photo by Lucibean

William made an impact on the audience with every role he played. He made it look like the characters really existed. Just like the way he shocked his fans with his weird but lovable roles, he shocked them once again when he took his own life in 2014 after suffering from Parkinson's disease, and depression. He will always be remembered for all the good things he's done forever, this Reddit thread is proof.

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