Man with the most piercings in the world and 278 on his genitals says it doesn't affect the action he gets

Man with the most piercings in the world and 278 on his genitals says it doesn't affect the action he gets

The 60-year-old German has some interesting hobbies and lives a perfectly normal life.

No matter where he goes, Rolf Buchholz can make heads turn without doing a thing. The unmatched look of this 60-year-old German is unbeatable, owing to his tattooed body and the 481 piercings that he currently has.






In addition to the 453 body piercings, Buchholz also has had body modifications done. "I have two Guinness World Records: I am the most pierced Man and I am the man with the most body modification," Rolf wrote to explore.newsner.com.








When he isn't working for Deutsche Telekom, he indulges in some very interesting hobbies. "My hobbies are tattoo, piercings, body suspension, running and travelling," he said.


The hundreds of piercings he has cause no hindrance to his life, not even the 278 piercings he has on his penis. "It's not a problem at all. I have had the piercings already so long, if there was a problem, I would have got rid of them already long ago," said, as quoted by the Daily Star.


In the list of body modifications he has, implanting horns into his forehead is among them, as reported by Mirror.


While the piercings affect neither his daily life nor his time in the bedroom, the 60-year-old did admit that they do sometimes cause an extra roadblock at airports. This one time, while travelling to Dubai to make a scheduled appearance at a nightclub, he was denied entry to the United Arab Emirates because the officials thought he practised "black magic".


He said, "Those who escorted me back to the aeroplane said that it was because of the way I looked and that it was because I am black magic."


He told The Local, "I like my body modifications. They are a part of me."


As for the comments that question his body modification choices, he merely turns a blind eye to them. "I’m well aware that opinion about my body mods is extremely diverse, from fans to extreme rejection," he added. "It’s simple – I don’t let it get to me."


For Rolf, it's not about making any particular statement and there's no special meaning behind his implanted horns or his piercings. It is simply something he enjoys doing.




"Lots of people have piercings and it doesn't hurt them, unless they get infected. So why should a few more hurt?" Rolf said. "I do this more for fun, as a hobby. Yes, people look at me, but I lead a normal life and I go to work normally."


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