Man asks if he's wrong to discourage people from donating to his sister's "cancer treatment"

Man asks if he's wrong to discourage people from donating to his sister's "cancer treatment"

He was shocked when one day, out at dinner with his family, his sister told the people sitting at the next table that she was battling cancer.

A man was shocked when he discovered that his sister was accepting donations from people claiming she was suffering from cancer. The man took to Reddit to talk about his sister's scam.

The man, who was visiting his family for the holidays, was surprised to see his sister's shaved head. However, he ignored it thinking it was one of her dramatic stunts.

He wrote, "Sister had graduated high school but I guess didn't want to go to college and still lives with my (now divorced) mom. Last Christmas I came home for a visit and was surprised to see that my sister had shaved her head. Well, not super surprised because she likes to create drama and has done plenty of things like that before. So I just pretended like I didn't notice anything."

However, one day when the man went out for dinner with his sister, a little curious kid asked his sister why she didn't have any hair. The kid's parents immediately tried to intervene and stop her from disturbing the strangers at the table. However, the man's sister told them it was alright. To his surprise, she told the family that she was battling cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy.

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The man stated, "Her parents immediately grabbed her, but my sister said it was ok, and then went on to explain that people who are being treated for cancer lose all of their hair because of chemo."

The curious kid further went on to ask the woman why she had eyebrows. Before she could respond, the kid's parents grabbed her and apologized to the family. They also paid for their dinner. After the kid and her parents left, the dumbstruck man asked his sister if she was fighting cancer. In response, she told him how important it was to support cancer patients. 

However, the man was not convinced by her response, so he prodded further. He said, "when I point-blank asked her if she herself has cancer, the answer was no."

While he was relieved that his sister was fine, he was unsure of why she shaved her eyebrows that night. Meanwhile, the reasons for her shaving off her head and eyebrows came to light after he spoke to a friend from their home town.

The friend criticized him for making a snarky remark on his sister claiming it was not right to make fun of a cancer patient. Astonished by his friend's response, the man dug deeper into the matter. Soon, he found out that his sister was telling people she was unwell and raising money on the GoFundMe website.

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"Apparently she has been telling people that she has cancer and asking for donations to her go fund me. I told him that can't be true, he sent me a link to the go fund me. She raised about $500 so far," said the man, according to Reddit. 

In order to make sure his sister was not lying to him about her health, he even confirmed it with their mother. He told users that he did not want people in his hometown to be scammed by his sister. He also asked them if it was right to discourage people from donating to her page.

Reddit users responded to the story immediately. They told him that his sister might go to jail for cheating people. Others encouraged him to report her to the police to teach her a lesson. "I'm just astounded at how she keeps getting away with it. Has she had any jail time?" asked one. Another suggested, "The right thing is not the cops. The right thing is to report to go fund me, and helping her get and go to therapy."

The man updated the post and told users that the GoFund Me page was taken down after their furious father intervened in the situation. He told users that he did not want her to go to jail though he is not supportive of her actions. "I got scared for her. She is a total asshole, but she's still my sister."

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