Straight man, father-of-three wears skirts and high heels to work and he's pulling it off like a boss!

Straight man, father-of-three wears skirts and high heels to work and he's pulling it off like a boss!

His wife helps him out by making suggestions on what he should wear, and he added, "My daughter wishes she could borrow my shoes at times."

In the wardrobe of 61-year-old Mark Bryan, you will find formal office shirts on one side and a range of different skirts on the other. You might catch him coaching a football team sometimes while other times, he is rocking a pair of strappy stilettos. The man also loves his 1967 Porsche 911 but he can fling a handbag over his shoulder like nobody's business.


Mark Bryan is the married man with a wife and three kids who is out to teach the world the most important lesson in fashion: clothes have no gender.



"I am just a straight, happily married guy that loves Porsche’s, beautiful women, and incorporating high heels and skirts into my daily wardrobe," says Mark on his Instagram page. The American robotics engineer is currently working in Germany, and he goes to the office wearing skirts and heels.



"I dress like this because I can. Just to be different," Mark told Bored Panda. "I have always admired the women that wore tight skirts and heels. Not sexually, but the power they presented. I don’t dress to be sexual, but to dress like any professional woman would. To me, clothes have no gender. I prefer skirts to dresses. Dresses don’t allow me to mix the genders. I prefer a 'masculine' look above the waist and a non-gendered look below the waist. It’s all about clothes having no gender."



Married for 11 years, Mark enjoys all the support he gets from his wife, and she even helps him piece together his outfit for the day. He added, "My wife often makes suggestions on what I should wear. My daughter wishes she could borrow my shoes at times."


When he's not in the office, Mark might be restoring his 1967 Porsche 911, or he might be coaching the football team that he's the head coach of.


For the 6’ tall and 165 lbs man, his "average heel height for a week is around 4 inches." Talking about his style, Mark adds, "I feel no different as to me, it’s just clothes. Naturally, on a cold or windy day, it physically feels different. When wearing heels, I feel taller, but also empowered for some reason. In all, maybe having the inner strength to have the confidence to wear non-conforming clothing has also given me the confidence and strength to handle my pressures at work."


When he was asked what advice he would give other men, Mark said, "If you are asking about heels, then I would say to start with a low heel and work your way up as your confidence gets higher. You cannot be afraid. Some people are like animals, they attack the weak. Show confidence and show the world you are not afraid and nobody will bother you. The only fear you have is fear itself. Skirts? Just do it. Maybe not with high heels, but skirts are much more acceptable on a man than a man wearing heels."


The women in their 30s and 40s who look at Mark don't hesitate to compliment on him while the men might ask questions or pass comments. As he described people's reactions, Mark said, "Take a person with bright green hair. Green hair is not normal. You look up and see this person, your mind tells you it’s a person with green hair, you think to yourself, that’s odd or interesting, then you go back to do what you were doing and don’t give it another thought. I believe this is the same when people see me in a skirt and heels."


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