Man with days to live marries his girlfriend of 2 years in an emotional bedside service

Man with days to live marries his girlfriend of 2 years in an emotional bedside service

He was diagnosed with a brain tumour in November last year after getting headaches

Owen Copland, 20, from Liverpool, suffered from severe headaches for about a month before being diagnosed with a brain tumor in November last year. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, his 54-year-old mother Gill was unable to get him a doctor's appointment at the time. Finally, she was able to get him to the hospital where he underwent a series of tests where it was discovered that he had a brain lesion.

In November last year, he underwent surgery to get rid of the tumor, reports Daily Mail. Copland thought he'd gotten a second chance at life, but earlier this month, doctors gave him the grim news that his tumor was growing again. After getting a second opinion, he realized the gravity of his situation, when the doctors confirmed he had only days to live. 

Source: Brain Tumor Research


It was then that he decided to do with the little time he had left. He proposed to Sarah on February 25.  He said: "When I came home I saw my girlfriend and said, 'I want to marry you,'"

In just two hours, loved ones arranged a bedside wedding for Copland and Jones on March 8. "With the help of the palliative care nurses, we managed to get Owen home from Clatterbridge the day before. Owen and Sarah had a commitment ceremony, which was just wonderful.

There was a live singer, makeup artists, hairdressers, room decorations, wedding favors, food, photographers, videographers, and flowers themed around Owen’s favorite color, yellow," shared Gill, according to Brain Tumor Research.

Source: Brain Tumor Research


Friends and family rallied together to organize the wedding, which was a commitment ceremony as opposed to a marriage in the eyes of the law. Though Copland was confined to the bed, he enjoyed every moment of his wedding. "It felt good to see my friends and hear my best man's speech, who I asked to be my best man just the day before," he said, of the ceremony."I'd been wanting to be on my game and speak to my friends online but because of Covid, I couldn't see him. So to get a speech from my best man in person was emotional for both of us." 

His best man, who had less than 24 hours to prepare a speech, delivered "the most beautiful speech" that Gill had ever heard.

Coplan noted that he's been able to hold on to hope because of his mom and sister Jane, 25, incredible support. "Before I took my family for granted and since my diagnosis I have wanted them there by my side which they have been. I know they will never leave me or give up on me, I love them."

Source: Brain Tumor Research


Now, Owen is being cared for at home, and Gill is hoping to raise some awareness about brain tumors. The family are sharing Owen's journey on his Facebook page, called 'Owen & Glioblastoma'. In addition, a GoFundMe has been set up to help with their expenses, so click here if you'd like to donate. 

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