Two-legged dog rescued from Afghanistan makes incredible recovery at his new forever home

Two-legged dog rescued from Afghanistan makes incredible recovery at his new forever home

He keeps his pet parent on her toes and can chase around the other dogs with no problems at all.

Dogs that have lost a limb are often last to make it to the adoption list. But this two-legged dog is showing the world that he never lost his drive to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Today, the double-amputee dog named Mazar is regularly seen zooming around his other furry companions in Manchester as he lives with Helene Svinos and her five other rescue dogs. Seeing Mazar be a loving and fun dog shows how far he has come since being rescued.


Mazar had an extremely rough start after being found severely injured in the streets of Afghanistan. "Maz was found on the streets with badly injured legs that were fixed and fused. He’d obviously been hit by a car and suffered quite traumatic injuries where his legs had been crushed," Helene said, according to Mirror. "With no veterinary help his legs were fixed in position and stuck out rigid in front of him, yet he was able to scuttle around as fast as lighting which he did for around two years. We think he’d had previous owners but was turfed out when they left the country."

Somehow, the smart pup hustled and bustled around until he finally found his way to a local vet lab. There, the vets took care of him and used whatever little resources they had to treat him and vaccinate him. But there was not much they could do to help the dog's leg injuries.


"He was a real street dog and then a visiting vet was doing some outreach there and it was arranged for him to be transferred to a shelter and looked at rehab for him," Helene shared. "The surgery to remove both of his back legs was a complete success and within a few days, he was back to normal and getting himself around by lifting his body up onto his front legs and scuttling along, then came to live with me in May 2015."


Helene had fallen instantly in love with Maz the Labrador when she saw a video online of the "friendliest dog," according to Good News Network. She then got in touch with Louise Hastie, a former soldier who rescues dogs from war zones.

One thing led to the other until Mazar was taken to Kabul and flown to the UK to join Helene's family. The two-legged dog fit perfectly into Helene's home within no time at all.

What's more is that he keeps Helene on her toes and can chase around her other rescue dogs, despite not having both his hind legs.


One of the organizations that helped Mazar find a forever home was War Paws, which is a non-profit that works to help animals in hostile environments and areas of civil conflict.

With the tragic events that have recently taken place in Afghanistan, Mazar's Facebook page sent love to the country and urged people to donate to War Paws during this tough time.


As Helene continues to speak up for rescue dogs, she hopes that people will stop thinking of them as reject-pieces that can't live life to the fullest like other dogs.

"There are so many dogs that need homes and I have a special love for disabled dogs," Helene said, as quoted by Mirror. "People can get hung up on rescues and think rescue dogs have problems but that’s not the case. I think that disabled dogs do often get overlooked, and I'm really passionate about showing that they can live a full and happy life."


Cover image source: (L) Mazar/Facebook and (R) War Paws/Facebook

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