Melania felt "a roller coaster of symptoms" for COVID-19, reveals how First Family dealt with the grave time

Melania felt "a roller coaster of symptoms" for COVID-19, reveals how First Family dealt with the grave time

One of the things she did while recovering from the illness was reflect on her "family" and "friendships."

Towards the beginning of October, Melania and Donald Trump announced that they had both tested positive for the coronavirus. And now, about two weeks later, the first lady is opening up about how she and her family dealt with it.

In an open letter, Melania spoke about how she was "glad" that she, her husband, and their son tested positive at almost the same time. 

Writing for the whitehouse.gov website, the First Lady revealed that after she, along with her husband were diagnosed with the deadly virus, her first thought was about their son, Barron. Their 14-year-old son had initially tested negative but when he got tested again later, the result was different. "My fear came true when he was tested again and it came up positive," Melania wrote. "Luckily he is a strong teenager and exhibited no symptoms. In one way I was glad the three of us went through this at the same time so we could take care of one another and spend time together. He has since tested negative."

Melania Trump and son Barron Donald Trump delivered his acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination on the South Lawn of the White House August 27, 2020. (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Chip Somodevilla)

The president had also mentioned their son's diagnosis and said, as quoted by BBC, "I don't even think he knew he had it because they're young and their immune systems are strong and they fight it off. Barron is beautiful and he is free. Barron's tested positive. Within, like, two seconds it was Barron is just fine now. He's tested negative, right? Because it happens."

As Melania went on to talk about her own symptoms in the whitehouse.gov article, the first lady said, "I was very fortunate as my diagnosis came with minimal symptoms, though they hit me all at once and it seemed to be a roller coaster of symptoms in the days after. I experienced body aches, a cough and headaches, and felt extremely tired most of the time. I chose to go a more natural route in terms of medicine, opting more for vitamins and healthy food... It was an unfamiliar feeling for me to be the patient instead of a person trying to encourage our nation to stay healthy and safe."


At the heels of Donald Trump being accused of downplaying the dangers of the virus to the public, Melania revealed that she experienced first-hand what COVID-19 can do to those infected. To all those people who helped her get through it, she said "thank you doesn’t say enough."

One of the things she was able to do while recovering was taking time out to reflect. "When my husband was taken to Walter Reed as a precaution, I spent much of my time reflecting on my family," Melania wrote. "I also thought about the hundreds of thousands of people across our country who have been impacted by this illness that infects people with no discrimination."


Urging people to live a healthy lifestyle, the First Lady said, "A balanced diet, fresh air, and vitamins really are vital to keep our bodies healthy. For your complete well-being, compassion and humility are just as important in keeping our minds strong. For me personally, the most impactful part of my recovery was the opportunity to reflect on many things—family, friendships, my work, and staying true to who you are."

Acknowledging that her family has access to the best and most expensive treatments that many in the country cannot possibly dream of, Melania added, "I want people to know that I understand just how fortunate my family is to have received the kind of care that we did."


Now that she has tested negative, Melania is resuming her duties as the first lady and she added, "If you are sick, or if you have a loved one who is sick—I am thinking of you and will be thinking of you every day. I pray for our country and I pray for everyone who is grappling with COVID-19 and any other illnesses or challenges. Thank you to everyone who reached out, and offered well wishes and prayers for our family. You remain in ours as well."

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