Melania can't wait to leave the White House for good and Trump wanting to run in 2024 "might not go over well"

Melania can't wait to leave the White House for good and Trump wanting to run in 2024 "might not go over well"

Sources reveal that Melania Trump never really wanted to be the First Lady, "come hell or high water."

Donald Trump might still be scheming ways to clench another four years in the White House as he has still not gracefully admitted to losing the 2020 presidential elections. But First Lady Melania, on the other hand, is keeping her eyes forward and is more than ready to put her life in the White House behind her.

Only a few days after the final state's vote tally was complete, Melania reportedly asked someone to discretely find out whether there would be any budget or staff allotted to them once they officially step out of the White House. Not leaving all the packing for the last minute, Melania is also deciding what needs to be put in storage, what needs to be sent to Trump's property in New York, and what needs to be shipped to their Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Florida.

"She just wants to go home," a close source told CNN.

Melania Trump at an event to mark National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month in the East Room of the White House on September 3, 2020. (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Drew Angerer)

"Home" for Melania after Trump's presidential term will most likely be their Mar-a-Lago residence. The now-first couple's 14-year-old son, Barron, will also complete his school year in Florida, according to the source.

As rumors float around about Trump running for president again in the 2024 elections, the source added that if her husband actually goes forward with this, "that might not go over well" with Melania.

It will be no surprise if Melania can't stand to see her husband in another red MAGA hat or doesn't want to support "Trump 2024" because she reportedly cried tears of despair when he won the elections in 2016.

Melania Trump with Donald Trump outside of Raymond James Stadium on October 29, 2020 in Tampa, Florida. (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Octavio Jones)

Back then, "...on Election Night, when the unexpected trend—Trump might actually win—seemed confirmed, Don Jr. told a friend that his father looked as if he had seen a ghost. "Melania was in tears—and not of joy," wrote Michael Wolff in Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, an excerpt of which was published in New York Magazine.


A source also told Vanity Fair that Melania did not want to be the first lady "come hell or high water," as reported by Business Insider.

"This isn't something she wanted and it isn't something he ever thought he'd win," said the source, who was described as a friend of the Trump family.

However, words from Donald Trump itself opposed these statements as he once wrote on Twitter, defending his wife in 2017, "Melania, our great and very hard working First Lady, who truly loves what she is doing, always thought that 'if you run, you will win.' She would tell everyone that, 'no doubt, he will win.' I also felt I would win (or I would not have run) - and Country is doing great."

Donald Trump and Melania Trump host members of the United States Special Olympics World Games team in the Oval Office at the White House July 18, 2019. (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Chip Somodevilla)

Now, with the Trump family soon having to walk away from the White House, Melania is going over different ideas about what to do at the end of her four years as first lady. A source revealed to CNN that she is considering the possibility of writing a photo-centric coffee table book; it may be about the history of hospitality at the White House, or it may be on design projects that she has unveiled during Trump's presidential term.

As for Donald Trump, when he spoke about life after his presidential term at a Georgia rally, he also imagined himself in Mar-a-Lago and said, "I'd go to Florida ... I'd take it easy."

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