On Kirk Douglas's first death anniversary, Michael Douglas remembers his late father: "Love you Pappy"

On Kirk Douglas's first death anniversary, Michael Douglas remembers his late father: "Love you Pappy"

The veteran actor passed away on 5 February, 2020 at the age of 103.

In the true spirit of "like father, like son," Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas made household names for themselves as they proved their acting mettle. So when the star of Spartacus and many other brilliant films from the Golden era of Hollywood passed away at the age of 103, it was a heartbreaking loss for his loved ones and fans. Now, a year after his death on 5 February, 2020, Kirk Douglas's son decided to pay him a tribute.

76-year-old Michael Douglas took to Instagram to share a picture of him with his father, “Can’t believe it’s been a year since you left us,At 103, you picked a good time to check out. I love you with all my heart! #KirkDouglas.” Michael’s wife, Hollywood star Catherine Zeta-Jones, commented on the photo as well, saying, “Love you Pappy🙏🏻😘.”


This isn't the first time that Michael shared a memory of his father on a special occasion. In 2020, on what would have been Kirk's 104th birthday in December, he posted a clip featuring a montage of photos of the father and son duo from across the decades. There was also a voiceover from Michael saying, "The best advice my father gave me was, 'Whatever you do, you do it to the best of your ability. You leave that job knowing that you couldn't have done any more, and then walk away, you've done the best. Don't look back."


Earlier in May 2020, the Basic Instinct star opened up about his father in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “There wasn’t anyone like him. There’s another generation, that was the great generation, post-World War II…and Dad was one of kind,” Michael said of Kirk. “I think he’s very happy. I know he takes particular pride — not so much in whatever I worked with and I’m doing with the Motion Picture Television Fund — but I know he loves Catherine [and] the work that she’s doing. He always used to tease me. We would call him up and he would be like, ‘Enough with you, let me talk to your wife,'” he added. “He was a flirt until the very end.”


Chiming in, Catherine added, “Oh yes, he’s a great flirt. He crosses our minds every day. But for me, during this time of, ‘OK, we are all locked down, what do you do?’ It’s so easy to go into a procrastination vibe. And Kirk, he went through so much from a helicopter crash to a stroke and then just age, being alone and what does he do with this time. And what was so admirable about him was he was always involved with courage events, he wrote 11 books, he worked with his rabbi, he worked with his philanthropic endeavors and he always created something to do and he taught me that lesson. He always said to us, 'Write a book, do something else. What are you doing?' And he'd be working on something right now, I’m sure."

Well, Kirk Douglas, star of Paths Of Glory, Lust For Life, Lonely Are The Brave, and more is still very much missed by his wife, family, loved ones and fans. May he rest in peace.

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