Model says her secret to looking and feeling great is having $ex 10 times a day

Model says her secret to looking and feeling great is having $ex 10 times a day

Though she's currently single, she does go on the occasional dates but is willing to settle down once she comes across the man of her dreams.

Stephanie Palomares, a 27-year-old model from Las Vegas loves to stay in shape as it's part of her job description as well. However, she's a fan of working out in bed. Palomares claims she has sex between six and 10 times a day when she's in a relationship, and this is her secret to looking and feeling great, according to Daily Star. “Nothing feels better for your body and mind than an orgasm. Sex makes me look and feel young. It keeps me fit and makes my blood pump all around my body from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. I’m convinced that’s why my skin always looks so good."


“When I’m in a relationship I have sex about six to 10 times a day," added Palomares. "It definitely helps my mental health and keeps me upbeat and happy. Stress always shows on your face so it’s no doubt linked as to why I’m so laidback and wrinkle-free.” The model even opened up about being bold when it comes to getting down and dirty in public. "The craziest place I’ve had sex is in a public restroom at a high end hotel restaurant.” 

"My boyfriend and I were having sex all day and when we got to the restaurant and had a few drinks we had to sneak off to the back to let off our urges.” Surprisingly, this is not the first time she's done something this wild. 


“Once I was with my boyfriend when we were at his family backyard party and I made him sneak off with me to his car to hook up. I had just started getting my body enhanced and I guess his mum had a feeling we were up to something. It was more embarrassing for him than me. I was like, why wouldn't we be having sex?” Meanwhile, Palomares admits that she's gone under the knife for some extra help, despite rocking that body! The model has spent $200,000 on several different cosmetic procedures. “I started with butt shots at 18, which cost $30,000, had four Brazilian Butt Lifts, liposuction, three breast augmentations, two nose jobs and a chin implant." 

Though she isn't in a stable relationship currently, she's open to dating. “I definitely date around," she said, adding that she's willing to settle when the right person comes along. “I don’t think there is anything wrong with dating multiple people when you're still trying to figure out which partner is meant for you."


“Until there’s a ring on my finger I consider myself to be single."

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