Mom passed an accident scene while returning from work. It was her daughter who was killed in the accident.

Mom passed an accident scene while returning from work. It was her daughter who was killed in the accident.

Her elder daughter witnessed the accident and was left traumatized. The driver has been sentenced to six years and nine months in jail.

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A mother was driving home from work when she came across a police scene. When she inquired about the scene, she found out that it was her daughter who was struck by and killed by a racer car on September 19, 2020, reports Manchester Evening News. 

The girl was identified as 14-year-old Courtney Ellis and she died immediately after being struck down by a car around the St Helens and Haydock streets. The driver was Brandon Turton, who was racing another car, per The Liverpool Echo. Turton was sentenced to six years and nine months in prison. Courtney's mother, Angela Burke, spoke up about the heartbreaking moment when she realized that her daughter had died. She spoke to Turton at Liverpool Crown Court, "The night that you killed my 14-year-old daughter was the most horrific experience I have ever had to go through. It was truly a parent's worst nightmare." 




She added, "Having to see your lifeless child's body broken is indescribable. I was on my way home from work when I approached the scene of the incident. It was clear that something serious had happened, with police everywhere. I recall feeling sad for the people involved. Little did I know my own child was lying in the road. I was not there when she needed me most." 

She continued that she, "received a call saying Courtney had been run over," after reaching home and realized that it was her daughter lying on the road. She explained, "When I arrived at hospital, they told me they were doing everything they could but she was in a bad way. I was mortified, but I still had hope. That was shattered when the doctors told me Courtney had died,"




The mother said she "collapsed in shock" when she learned that her daughter had died. She added, "I was unable to take in the news I had just been told. I thought I was in a living nightmare and I pleaded with the doctors to tell me it wasn't true." 

"To this day, I still refuse to accept it. The pain in my heart and stomach is unbearable, but I have to pull myself together in order to care for my other three children - if it wasn't for them, I truly believe I would not be here now." 




Morgan, Courtney's elder sister, now 18, witnessed the car crash and has been left traumatized by the incident. She remembers saying, "Courtney please don't die, please don't leave me," after the accident. "We as a family are all lost. Courtney was so caring and sensitive," the mother added. 

Colin Ellis, Courtney's dad, also read a statement in front of the court saying, "How can I ever be the same when I had to see my girl lying lifeless in a hospital bed, when the last time I saw her she was full of life? That night changed every single member of my family forever."

Turton was, "showing off or driving in anger," after making unsuccessful attempts to impress a girl passenger. He met up with a silver Vauxhall Astra being driven by Oliver McIntosh. Turton was trying to impress a woman in the Renault, who was not reciprocated in his feelings. Turton's friend asked him to slow down but he was angry that the woman did not reciprocate his feelings. Meanwhile, Courtney was drinking in a pub nearby with Morgan and another friend. 

They were heading home when Courtney ran across the road and was hit by Turton's car. The was "thrown in the air" and landed in a carriageway, which led to her immediate death. Judge David Potter told Turton during his trial, "Courtney was a loving child with enormous compassion and promise, who leaves behind a shattered and traumatised family. No-one who has not suffered the sudden loss of a child in circumstances such as these is ever in a position to understand how they feel."

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