Groom's mother stunned to discover that his bride is her long-lost daughter

Groom's mother stunned to discover that his bride is her long-lost daughter

The bride was overcome with emotions after she reunited with her biological mom.

Weddings are when families come together and celebrate a union between two loved ones. Needless to say, it is an event where emotions run high.  But, one mom in China, made a stunning discovery on her son's wedding day. On March 31, in the Suzhou, Jiangsu province in China, as her son and daughter-in-law were getting ready to exchange vows, she noticed something unusual. She spotted a  birthmark on the bride's hand which looked all too familiar. 20 years ago, the woman had lost her child by the roadside. 

To confirm her suspicions, that her daughter-in-law could very well be her long-lost daughter, she walked up to the in-laws and asked them if they had adopted a child 20 years ago.  The bride's parents were shocked to hear this more so because they had kept her adoption a secret. They admitted that had in fact found the baby matching the timeline and brought her up as their own.   


When the bride-to-be heard of this, she was overcome with emotions and described the moment of meeting her mum as "happier than the wedding day itself," according to Mirror. Now, lay the next predicament. The bride, understandably, had no intentions of marrying her brother. But in an incredible twist of fate, her mother/mother-in-law revealed that her son, too, was adopted. After losing her child, she had also adopted because she had given up hope of ever finding her missing daughter at the time. Therefore, the wedding could go ahead as planned as they were not biological siblings. The bride was "relieved" to hear this, and they were hitched in what was a doubly joyous occassion.    


Similarly, two good friends discovered that besides having a ton in common, they turned out to be biological sisters. What started off as a joke between them being sisters, quickly turned into reality following a DNA test reports CNN.

Cassandra Madison, 32, and Julia Tinetti, 31, were colleagues at a restaurant they worked at in 2013. They soon became fast friends and realized that they were both adopted from the Dominican Republic. They also looked alike and would often confuse their customers and colleagues at work. They even had matching tattoos of their home country's flag which got them talking in the first place.  "We hit it off right away. There was no trying to force a friendship or anything," Madison said. "Our personalities are very similar, so it was very easy for us to just start hanging out."

As a joke, they went to an event dressed as sisters. "We had an event that we went to that we dressed alike -- our socks matched, our sneakers matched, our sunglasses matched our shorts were black -- she made us tank tops that said that she was the big sister and I was the little sister," Tinetti said. "We kind of just went with it like as a joke. It was not serious at all."

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They even checked their adoption papers at one point of time, but the papers stated that they belonged to different mothers who lived hours away from each other. Anyway, by 2015, Madison moved to Virginia, but remained in touch with Tinetti over Facebook. While Madison was aware that she had been given up for adoption because her parents at the time couldn't care for her, she always wanted to get to know them. So, her adoptive mother gave her a DNA test in 2018.

Madison and Tinetti soon realized that there was something amiss in their adoption papers while tracing their connections. When Madison confronted her biological dad, he admitted that there was another child born and never told her as it was painful memory. That is when Tinetti took the DNA test not expecting much because she had a happy adopted childhood. When Tinetti got her results back, it was a match, and she has now connected with her biological dad and the rest of her siblings. 

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