Mother plunges to her death from 4th floor balcony minutes after being "spoilt with presents" from her children

Mother plunges to her death from 4th floor balcony minutes after being "spoilt with presents" from her children

The mother was having a normal Christmas morning with her loved ones before the fatal fall.

The very last memory that Sharon Anne Daly-O'Dwyer's family have of her is that of sitting in their living room and beaming as they opened presents together on Christmas morning. The 51-year-old mother was spoiled with presents that day, and was enjoying the morning with her beloved children and her grandson.

Shortly after having a normal Christmas morning with her family and being pleased with the presents they got her, Sharon told her children that she was going out for a smoke.

"She was really happy with her presents," Sharon's daughter, Taylor told Mirror. "She said she was going to go back to bed before making dinner but would just have a cigarette. We were inside for two minutes when we heard a bang."


At first, they thought she fell down the stairs but didn't find her there. "My brother looked over the side (of the balcony) and said 'she's down there,'" added 22-year-old Taylor. "We were just screaming."

Sharon had plunged to her death from the fourth floor apartment in Shepherd's Bush, London.


Her 19-year-old son, Drew Daly was horrified by the sight and ran back inside their apartment. While Drew stayed behind with Sharon's grandson, Taylor rushed downstairs to their mother and remained by her body.

"I ran down to try and help her but it was pretty obvious she had died, she wasn't breathing and her eyes were open," Taylor recalled. "I held her hand when they stopped the CPR and closed her eyes when they said they couldn't do anymore. I gave her a kiss and said I love you."


Taylor's best friend, Georgie Dileo had described Sharon as her "second mum" and said, "Taylor didn't move from her side until the end of the day when the undertakers came."

Sharon was "the best mum" says Taylor, and she has no idea about how their mother fell from the balcony in what is being treated as an accident.

In one of the last few photographs of Sharon before the tragic death, she can be seen with a smile on her face as she clutches the new bag that Taylor gifted her for Christmas. Their mother was "spoilt with presents," added Georgie. 


Georgie also set up a GoFundMe page for the family which read: "Sharon was such a beautiful, fun, loving and amazing woman, everyone who knew her, loved her and always had such a good time with her! We can't even put into words what the world will be like without her and her beautiful children and grandson will continue her memory and make her even more proud than they have already."

Source: GoFundMe

While speaking to Mirror, Taylor added, "We don't have any savings to give her a proper funeral. I won't be able to forgive myself if she doesn't get the send off she deserves."

Along with raising money for the funeral, Georgie hopes that enough money will be raised for Taylor to move to a new home because their apartment is now nothing more than a reminder of what they lost.

Source: GoFundMe

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