Woman furious after ex drops off the wrong baby at her house, mistaking the child for their own son

Woman furious after ex drops off the wrong baby at her house, mistaking the child for their own son

"I immediately called Sean, in full panic mode, telling him to bring me the correct child right this second," the mother said.

A woman was left infuriated after her ex brought back home somebody else's baby and did not even notice until she angrily pointed it out to him.

As she shared the incident on Reddit, the woman revealed that she had a "complex" history with her ex, whom she referred to as "Sean" just for the post.

Explaining their situation, the woman wrote, "Sean got me and another woman, 'Lydia,' pregnant at roughly the same time. Our sons are only about 6 weeks apart in age. Lydia's son is currently just over 15 months, while mine is just under 17 months."

The woman went on to reveal that she and Lydia had identical custody arrangements, as a result of which, the two mothers had sole custody of their babies for the first year. During this time, Sean was only allowed to visit. Then, when the boys turned a year old, the woman had shared custody of her son with Sean, just like Lydia now has over their son.

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"Both myself and Lydia have our sons for the odd weeks, while Sean gets the even weeks," the woman explained. "This means Sean has both boys at the same time. He pushed for this, as he wanted a week on/week off from looking after kids. He also requested this so his sons could bond, but his primary motive was getting time off."

After one particular week of looking after his sons, Sean dropped off the baby while the child was still asleep. Since the woman was on a work call at the time, "Sean just sort of placed the baby, carrier and all, down on the floor and left silently," the woman said.

"When the baby woke up and started crying, I got off the work call and immediately noticed that this was not my son, as my son has blue eyes, and this baby had green eyes. Taking off the baby's hat also showed dark blond hair, and not my son's light brown hair," the woman went on to say. "I immediately called Sean, in full panic mode, telling him to bring me the correct child right this second. It had only been about 10 minutes so Sean wasn't far away and hadn't gone by Lydia's yet, but Jesus f**king Christ it was the worst 10 minutes of my life. Sean came back smiling, carrying my son, and says in the most condescending tone of voice 'See? He's fine. No harm done.'"

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But the woman was not ready to let it slide and she demanded to have their custody agreement changed so that Sean would not have both babies at the same time.

"Sean has said that I'm being unreasonable," the woman added. "He also says that I'll be causing undue harm to all 3 guys in this situation, as the kids won't get to bond with their half brother, and Sean won't get any time to himself if he has Lydia's son on even weeks and mine on odds, meaning that he'll be more exhausted and it will decrease his income as he won't be able to work overtime (which he currently does in his weeks without the boys)."

When asked if she was being unreasonable for wanting to go forward with a changed custody agreement, the woman received a flood of responses.

"You are acting irrationally," said ambientglow. "I'm sure it was upsetting, but to any outsider or anyone who is not panicking it's clearly an understandable mistake. He didn't put your child in danger. Pretty soon both boys are going to be big enough that this kind of mistake won't happen. Changing the custody agreement will 100% harm your relationship with your son's father, and it will harm your son's relationship with both his father and his brother."

On the other hand, Goody3333 defended the mother's reaction and said, "...How tf do you mix up your kids... If he's done it once and he's this chill, then chances are he's done this before or doesn't care as much that his kids aren't safely where they should be. The least he could do is be concerned. He hasn't even shown that, so in what way is this guy defendable? They're his kids, not some toys he can just make mistakes with and laugh off."

reallifemoonmoon commented, "If i was the dad next time i would walk in with both carriers and ask op which one she wants this week. But my humour is kinda weird, so..."

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