Woman forgets her newborn in the car after getting high on drugs, leaves baby to die in the roasting heat

Woman forgets her newborn in the car after getting high on drugs, leaves baby to die in the roasting heat

Megan Dauphin's blood analysis showed the presence of meth. She was apparently under its influence the day she forgot her daughter in the car.

A mother was charged with murder after the death of her own child because she left her baby in a roasting car for hours together. According to Metro, 30-year-old Megan Dauphin from Panama City, Florida, was charged and arrested with aggravated manslaughter over the death of her newborn daughter McKinley Garner, on 2 September, 2020. 

Bay County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived at Dauphin’s home on Canal Avenue after her baby girl was left in the car for several hours. The baby born less than two months on 4 July, 2020 was pronounced dead at the scene, according to WJHG.


Later, the blood analysis of the mother proved she was under the influence of meth in the morning she forgot her baby in the vehicle. Besides, officials found drug paraphernalia that was consistent with the use of crystal meth. The deputies continued to work on the case and gathered evidence with the help of the Florida Department of Children and Families, the Child Protection Team, the District 14 Medical Examiner’s Office, and the State Attorney’s Office. After investigating the case for a month, they held Dauphin responsible for her child's death.

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Meanwhile, one of Dauphin's friends stated that the mother had gone out partying on the weekend after Garner's death. Moreover, the source could not hold back from expressing their sadness and bafflement at Dauphin's actions. The source added that they never imagined Dauphin to do something that would be fatal to her child. 

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The insider who chose to remain anonymous stated, "The Megan I knew would have never done this so this whole situation is very shocking to me." Further, the source went on to say it was tough to accept that the child's death was caused due to the negligence of the mother. 

The source further stated, "All I keep picturing in my head is that beautiful baby girl wrapped up in the swaddle blanket I bought off your baby shower and to imagine her life get taken from that innocent child because of a mother leaving her child unattended in a hot car is so disturbing," according to Metro. 


However, it is not clear what Dauphin was doing while her daughter struggled to stay alive in the hot car. Some unconfirmed reports claim that the mother lived with her family. Her father was allegedly at work and her sister fast asleep while Garner was left behind in the car by her mother for hours.

The mother has been booked into Bay County Jail on account of her charges. She would remain in the county prison till her preliminary court hearing.

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