Woman gives birth in a bathtub and throws the baby out the window with umbilical cord intact, because she "panicked"

Woman gives birth in a bathtub and throws the baby out the window with umbilical cord intact, because she "panicked"

A neighbor stepped out to close the gate and heard the cries of a baby, discovering the infant out in the cold.

Trigger warning: The story contains details of child abuse that may be distressing to some.

A newborn baby was put through immense suffering after his cruel mother showed no regard for his wellbeing and intentionally put his life in danger. The baby's mother, 23-year-old Sabita Dookram (identified as Sabina Dookram by some reports) is accused of having thrown her infant out of the house right after she gave birth to him.

On Sunday, October 11, 2020, the newborn was found with his umbilical cord still intact outside a house on 126th Street in South Ozone Park in Queens, New York City. It was around 10:15 am in the morning when a neighbor, who owns the Little Flower Daycare nearby, made the sad discovery, according to New York Post.

"I went there to close the gate, and when I heard, like a noise, and I looked. When I looked, I saw that it was a baby noise. And something, like a piece of meat next to it – the umbilical," said another neighbor, Elyte Surhabl, who also spotted the baby when she was going out to dump some garbage, as reported by Metro.


The neighbors were not sure if the baby was out all night but one of them reportedly said that they heard the sound of a baby crying at night as well. Elyte told one of her family members to call the police and when they arrived, they found the baby in critical condition. On the concrete close to where the baby was, there were dark patches of what looked like dried blood.

"We get there and there’s a male infant found on the side of the building," said a spokesperson for the police, as quoted by New York Post.

Having suffered hypothermia along with several injuries, the tiny infant was taken to the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and was placed on a ventilator.

Investigators later revealed that the mother, Dookram, had allegedly thrown the baby out of her bathroom window after giving birth to him and left him out there. Along with the blood on the ground, there was also blood found on the sidewall that led to Dookram's bathroom window as well as on the window sill. Neighbors found it shocking and one of them even said she hadn't noticed Dookram being pregnant in the first place.


According to NBC26, the mother spoke about her actions and mentioned that she threw the boy out and then went off to sleep. Court documents quoted her saying, "I cut the cord with a scissor from the bathroom. I panicked and threw it out of the bathroom window. I did not check on the baby, I put my clothes in the laundry hamper in the bathroom, I showered and went to sleep."

Dookram was taken to a hospital closeby, and police officers added that a psychological evaluation was taken. 

District Attorney Melinda Katz said, according to NBC26, "This is a heartbreaking situation. A newborn baby has suffered greatly because of the alleged actions of his mother, who now faces serious charges and a lengthy prison sentence." Facing seven criminal charges of attempted murder, attempted manslaughter, assault, reckless endangerment, tampering with physical evidence, abandonment of a child, and acting in a manner to injure a child, the young mother could receive a prison sentence of up to 25 years.


After doctors had a chance to check on the baby, they found that he suffered a traumatic brain injury with bleeding and swelling about the brain and scalp; the little one also suffered an abdominal injury with internal bleeding but cops revealed that despite all the hardship, the spirited baby not just survived but remains stable.

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