Mum wakes her daughter up every day by licking her like a dog. Then the daughter plays puppy

Mum wakes her daughter up every day by licking her like a dog. Then the daughter plays puppy

"I just lick her all up," the mother said and called her daughter "very kissable!"

Marcia Galan and her daughter, Alena, are extremely close.

How close? Lick-each-other's-face-every-morning close.

Since the time Alena was a child, she and her mother have undoubtedly shared a very tight bond. And when Marcia couldn't get her daughter a puppy, she decided that the next best thing was to act like one every morning to wake her daughter up. "My relationship with her is unique. In the mornings I walk into her room and I just lick her all up," explained Marcia, who showed the world what her relationship with her adopted daughter was like on TLC's sMothered.


In the show, which features mother-daughter duos that are unusually close, Marcia spoke about how she began the morning ritual with her daughter, who is now in her early 20s. "She kept pestering me for a puppy and I couldn't get her a puppy, so I turned into the doggy," Marcia said, as quoted by the Daily Mail. "Alena tastes pretty good and all sweet, I just want to eat her all up."

When the sMothered episode aired in 2020, Alena was 21 years old while her mother was 68. The two live together in upstate New York, and Alena revealed that she feels closer to her mother when she behaves like a pupper. "I love it when my Mamma licks me, it kind of makes me feel closer to her because we're doing something funny and out of the ordinary," Alena said. "It's a thing we do every single day."


Born in Siberia, Russia, Alena was adopted by Marcia when she was just a toddler. The daughter has what is known as enzyme deficiency, and as she grew up, the puppy antics started as a way to increase Alena's stamina. Once Alena gets out of bed, her mother would continue acting like a puppy so her daughter would chase her around the house. "When Alena was very little she didn't have much stamina, so I would say 'you can't get me, you can't get me,'" Marcia said.

With time, it became an everyday event for Marcia to wake her daughter up like an animal. "It was really a good thing to help her grow and it just continued," the mother added. What began as a way to stimulate Alena as a child is now a permanent part of the day. Even as an adult, Alena still chases her mother around the house in the same way she would chase a puppy.

But does the ritual stop there? Nope. When Alena finally catches her mother, it is then her turn to act like the puppy. "When I catch my Mamma I do all my kissy-poos and I kiss her all up," Alena enthusiastically said. "She's very kissable!" added her mother.


Others may think the puppy antics are strange, but Marica and Alena believe their relationship is special. The mother calls her daughter her "true love" and taught her to be tough in front of bullies when they teased her for her height in school.

According to New York Post, Alena's growth was stunted due to her medical condition, and she is currently 4 feet 3. "It was really rough for her in school," recalled Marcia. “We used to role-play and I’d be the tough guy and I’d make her tough. [Other students] would say, ‘How come you’re short?,’ and she’d say, ‘How come you’re not so smart?’ The kids would back off from her because I created a pit bull!"


Now that Alena is an adult, she still shares a unique relationship with her mother and continues taking turns to act like a puppy in the house, according to the Daily Mail.

Marcia gladly said, "I love the idea as she's growing up of being able to do all those silly things."

Cover image source: TLC/YouTube

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