Mother of 4 with Covid-19 wakes up from coma just one day before her family had planned to pull the plug

Mother of 4 with Covid-19 wakes up from coma just one day before her family had planned to pull the plug

When Lisa Martin went to the hospital, she thought she would be back in a few hours, but ended up staying for about three months.

It took 95 harrowing days in two hospitals and two rehabilitation centers before 49-year-old Lisa Martin could finally come home after testing positive for Covid-19 along with her husband of 29 years, Jeff Martin.

"Before Sept. 27, which is the day I entered the hospital, I was in pretty much perfect health," recalled the mother of four from Blackshear, Georgia while speaking to firstcoastnews.com.

When Lisa went to the hospital after contracting the virus, she thought she would return home the same day in a matter of hours. "I finally just told Jeff, 'My lungs just hurt so bad,' and I said, 'I've got to go to the ER.' When I went to the ER, I thought I was going to be there for a couple of hours," she recalled.


But things took a turn for the worse and Lisa ended up spending about three months in the hospital while her family spent days wondering if they would ever have her back the same way. For about 40 days, doctors put her in a medically-induced coma, during which time she also suffered a stroke; for some 59 days, Lisa even had to be hooked up to a ventilator as well, according to Memorial Satilla Health's Facebook post.

"Almost three-and-a-half months of my life, it's kind of like amnesia. I don't remember," Lisa shared with firstcoastnews.com.

Because of the stroke, "I had to relearn how to walk, talk, swallow, eat," she added.

By October 20, doctors believed that she may not make it as "Lisa was comatose, her eyes fixed. The hospital called in her family to say goodbye. They decided to give it 11 days before making a decision about removing her from the ventilator that was breathing for her. But God had other plans," wrote Memorial Satilla Health on Facebook.


"On the eleventh day, Lisa broke through the sedatives and began tracking Jeff with her eyes and she moved her hand," the hospital added, prompting them to call Lisa their "miracle patient" after she woke up from her coma.

"I can't wrap my head around what all has happened," Lisa told People. "I am shocked but amongst all the overwhelming feelings, I feel like this is definitely a God thing. I got to a point where I felt like no one cared for me. I didn't have a lot of friends, my kids are all grown up and independent and my husband works all the time. I was lonely, but this experience has shown me how loved I truly am."


The family of six, including Lisa's children, Madison Martin, 27, Harper Lee Martin, 25, Natalie Fuller, 22, and Jack Martin, 19, are glad that their mother can kick off the new year at home. "The best way that I've heard this experience is like riding the Space Mountain roller coaster from Disney World," said daughter, Madison. "Our family had no idea what direction my mom's COVID journey was about to take. All the twists and turns and loops were overwhelming."


Lisa's husband, Jeff admitted that he wasn't "taking [the virus] seriously at all" and at first, he thought his wife was "buying into the hype" when she used a mask and bought hand sanitizers. "But I do [take it seriously] now—that's for sure," the 52-year-old added.

With his wife's journey of recovery being an eye-opener, Jeff also added, "I watched four people die while my wife was struggling," he says. "I know that doctors can treat patients medically, but healing comes from God. And I just... I'm thankful that she lived, but I'm also just very aware of the pain of watching others who lost their family members to this."

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