Naked woman gets stuck in 8-inch space between two buildings, firefighters rescue her after 2.5 hrs

Naked woman gets stuck in 8-inch space between two buildings, firefighters rescue her after 2.5 hrs

It is unclear how she got trapped in the space.

The loud screams of a woman led some firefighters to start an unusual and complicated rescue that went on for a couple of hours in Santa Ana, California. The moment they saw the naked woman wedged between a tiny space, they immediately knew that it was going to be a real challenge to safely get the woman out.

It was on Tuesday afternoon, July 13, when the woman reportedly wound up getting trapped between two commercial buildings in the area of 1020 N. Harbor Boulevard.

Stuck in the middle of two walls, the woman cried out for help and was heard by people working at an auto body shop at around 2 pm.


"We heard a lady in the back, behind our shop, screaming, screaming, screaming," the owner of the shop told KTLA 5 News.

Although they could sense that the woman desperately needed help, they could not find anyone in the area and called 911.

"We called the cops and the cops came in and got on the roof and looked between the two walls and she’s all naked," the owner said. "She was in pain. She was screaming in pain. She was upside down too."

The first responders, who arrived at the scene, found her jammed in a space that was only 8-inches wide. Throughout the rescue process, the firefighters were able to communicate with the woman and constantly kept the area ventilated, according to the Daily Mail.


She was "in between two walls of two commercial businesses," Captain Thanh Nguyen of the Orange County Fire Authority told CBS LA during the rescue. "She’s wedged in there and we can’t physically get in there and she can’t crawl out."

Determined to get her out without causing any injury, the firefighters decided to drill out a large piece of concrete out of the wall. The team drilled a hole in the nearby wall and inserted a camera to see how they could execute their plan, and eventually cut out a chunk of concrete to pull the woman out. The "cautious and technical operation" took about two and a half hours to rescue the victim.


"It took our technical rescue team two hours, to make a hole, carefully get to her while we were cutting," Nguyen shared. Around 4:30 pm, the woman was safely out and checked by paramedics waiting at the scene.

What still remains the big question is how the woman got herself trapped in the 8-inch space in the first place.

"That’s a mystery to all of us here right now," Nguyen told KTLA 5 News.


After the difficult rescue, the Orange County Fire Authority wrote on Facebook. "Your Orange County firefighters expertly cut through 8” of concrete to get access to a woman wedged between two concrete walls 8” apart in the City of Santa Ana this afternoon. The woman was extricated 2.5 hours later and treated by firefighter paramedics. The patient was transported to the hospital. It is unknown how she got there."

Cover source image: KTLA 5 News

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