Nurse opens hospice for abandoned senior dogs who would have otherwise died alone without love and care

Nurse opens hospice for abandoned senior dogs who would have otherwise died alone without love and care

Nicola Coyle, who worked in dog rescue before, makes sure that each dog that comes to the hospice is showered with love.

Most humans make the choice to live in a hospice during their last days to ensure they get to live well, and it improves their quality of life, even if it is for a short period. But why is this limited to humans? Why not dogs? Especially since our furry four-legged companions are just as important to most of us as any other member of our family. Dogs deserve all the love and care in the world and one woman is on a mission to ensure as many as dogs possible pass as happily and as peacefully as they can. Nicola Coyle is a retired nurse who worked in dog rescue. She established The Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice to take care of abandoned old, terminally ill, or stray dogs.


This was Britain's very first hospice for dogs when it was established. The kind-hearted woman is a ray of hope for senior dogs who are left for dead in their later years. According to Bored Panda, Coyle runs the animal shelter from her own home in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Not only does she ensure they live a quality life, but she also helps them have fun just before their final breath. Most importantly, she showers them the love that they deserve.

The dogs come to Grey Muzzle from kennels, vet surgeries, or charities, according to Daily Mail, where they risk being put down within seven days if they are not re-homed. Once inducted into the hospice, the dogs are treated like royalty. Best of all, Coyle helps each and every dog complete a "bucket list" in their last months and weeks. This includes taking them for ice creams on the beach and throwing them birthday parties.

"I don't know when their birthdays are so we throw all of them a birthday party," she said. "They just want to feel loved and safe. I really believe they should get a nice ending." She doesn't hesitate to spend up to £500 ($664.20) per dog from her own pocket. She also uses the funds she gets from fundraising to give each dog the best ending possible.


The Facebook description reads: We provide end of life care for abandoned dogs. We take only dogs that are from UK pounds that have been deemed as having less than six months to live. And she gives these dogs all the love.

The longest Nicola has looked after a dog was a year and the shortest period was just two weeks. She makes sure to take them on trips to the beach and have a good meal before they depart. Coyle's added that while it breaks her heart to see so many senior dogs being abandoned just because they're sick, she finds comfort in the fact that some of the dogs that come to her hospice live longer than expected, just because of the love and care they receive at The Grey Muzzle.

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