Video shows congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene rubbing the crotch of Donald Trump's cardboard cutout

Video shows congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene rubbing the crotch of Donald Trump's cardboard cutout

A Trump and QAnon supporter, the newly elected representative's offensive statements only added to the reasons that her dismissal be made final.

While it isn't unusual for House Representatives to make a name for themselves, Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene certainly made waves although her methods weren't the most traditional. Now, an old video of hers has resurfaced wherein she can be seen groping a Donald Trump cutout which might only add to the view that many may have of her.

The clip was shared on Twitter by Resist Programming has which showed the Georgia Rep. bringing a cardboard cutout of former President Donald Trump on stage. From the video, it appeared to be a meeting related to the Republican party and the year written in the background indicated it was in 2020. "I just want him so bad," she's heard saying as she walks off the stage, and returns with a life-sized cutout of Trump. After placing the cardboard cutout of the 74-year-old next to her on stage, Greene suddenly moved her hand on it and said, “He is good, he is fantastic” and reached out to the crotch.


Since the clip went up, many have left comments about her questionable actions. One user’s comment on the “crotch rubbing” clip stated, “It's blowing my mind that rubbing the crotch of a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump may very well be the least offensive thing she's done.” While some comments are tame, many were not. But one thing was clear, many are still blown away by the fact that Greene, who was a very vocal believer of QAnon conspiracy theories, was actually elected to Congress.

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) with her "Trump Won" face mask pulled down during speaks to a colleague on the new year's opening session on January 3, 2021 in Washington, DC. Both chambers are holding rare Sunday sessions to open the new Congress as the Constitution requires. (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Erin Scott-Pool)

The House recently voted to strip Greene of her duties and punish her for "vile and hurtful statements." And it wasn't just the Democrats who wanted her gone. 11 Republican House members voted with the Democrats resulting in the final tally of 230-199 stripping the Georgia Republican of all her committee assignments, CNN reported.

"I have never encountered a situation like the one before us now, where a member has made such vile and hurtful statements, engaged in the harassment of colleagues and expressed support for political violence," said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer before the voting took place, according to Reuters.

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) (L) talks to Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) as they walk in the Cannon tunnel after a vote at the U.S. Capitol February 4, 2021 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The House is scheduled to vote later today on removing Greene from committee assignments over her remarks about QAnon and other conspiracy theories. (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Alex Wong)

This decision comes after a number of statements and accusations made by the Georgia Rep. caused shock. From believing that Jewish laser beams caused the California fires to claiming that 9/11 didn't happen and that school shootings in the United States were not real, it has understandably been difficult for many to digest the fact that this 46-year-old woman is a lawmaker, enforcing change in the country. She even called for executions of other House representatives and recently went viral for harassing and mocking Parkland shooting survivor, according to NBC News.

Though the ardent Trump supporter said of her previous social media posts ahead of the vote: "These were words of the past and these things do not represent me, they do not represent my (congressional) district and they do not represent my values. I was allowed to believe things that weren't true, and I would ask questions about them and talk about them. And that is absolutely what I regret," as quoted by BBC, the House's decision didn't waver.

A view of the MoveOn Mobile Billboard and Protest at Rep. Kevin McCarthy's Bakersfield office demanding removal of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from House Committee on Education and Labor on February 04, 2021 in Bakersfield, California. (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Tommaso Boddi)

 Additionally, the QAnon believer had also filed articles of impeachment against President Biden for "abuse of power," as reported by KOMO News. Calling him "unfit to hold the office" before his first day was even over, "I just filed Articles of Impeachment on President Joe Biden. We'll see how this goes," said the U.S. Representative for Georgia's 14th congressional district, as quoted by CBS 46.


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