Owner removes pet dog's eyes instead of treating an infection, and then abandons him because the dog is blind

Owner removes pet dog's eyes instead of treating an infection, and then abandons him because the dog is blind

Despite the neglect his previous owner showed, the loving dog "shows no malice towards humankind."

Before three-year-old sweetheart, Louis wound up at the Helen Woodward Animal Center, the pooch had a very rough few weeks with his previous family before they finally decided to shirk off their responsibilities when the dog was at his most vulnerable.

While the pooch was in the care of his previous owner, he developed an eye infection that went untreated for a very long time. Instead of paying for the treatment at the right time and taking care of the dog as he heals, the owner decided to have the poor animal's eyes removed instead.


"When this 3-year-old sweetheart developed an eye infection, his owners didn’t seek treatment until it was too late and both eyes had to be removed," the non-profit wrote on Facebook.

After undergoing a massive change and having to adjust to life with no sight, the Lab/Shepherd mix was confronted with more challenges after he was injured in an accident.

"...The now-blind dog was struck by a car and broke his leg. Once again, Louis didn’t receive the care he needed, and his leg healed improperly," the animal center wrote.

Louis' problems still did not end there as his family could not adjust to living with a blind dog in the house.


"Unwilling to care for a blind and injured dog, his owners surrendered Louis to a Calexico area shelter, where he luckily received urgent surgery to repair his leg. Shelter staff knew Louis deserved the perfect forever home and turned to Helen Woodward Animal Center to help find it," the animal center went on to say.

Although he was shy when he arrived at the animal center in Rancho Santa Fe, California, Louis was wagging his tail within a day of living with his foster family. The people who knew Louis deserved better were also kind enough to offer support and donations, helping with his medical care, vaccinations, and other necessities.


As Louis is on his way to recovery, he is receiving immense love and cuddles from the Helen Woodward Animal Center, which is doing its best to find the canine a forever home.

Louis is still adjusting to life without his eyes and has a limp from his previous injury, which is why he needs a family that is "prepared to provide patience and special care" as the dog "learns his way around a new home," the animal center said, according to People. And in exchange for the love and patience that a family is willing to show Louis, the pooch has ample to give them in return.


"Louis is extraordinary," said Hella Tyler, Helen Woodward Animal Center Adoptions Director, in a statement. "He really suffered at the hands of his former owners but he shows no malice towards humankind. He is ready to love the perfect family and he certainly deserves one."

On Facebook, the animal center included a message from Louis' foster home, which said, "Louis needs a mellow home, one story, someone who is home all the time with another sweet dog. He told me to let you know!"


Those interested in adopting Louis can call 858-756-4117 or head over to www.animalcenter.org.


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