Parents with 6 biological children adopt 7 orphaned siblings who lost both their parents

Parents with 6 biological children adopt 7 orphaned siblings who lost both their parents

The family is doing everything they can to make the siblings from Ukraine feel at home.

There is always some chaos ensuing under the roof of the Torppey family household. But there is also abounding love and plenty of laughs going around for the large, happy family from New Jersey.

Originally a family with six biological children, the Torppeys now feel like their home is complete after parents, Wade and Michelle Torppey, adopted seven children from Ukraine.

Thanks to Wade and Michelle, the seven siblings did not have to part ways as they were adopted together from an orphanage in Mokrats, according to PEOPLE.

"Most people, when we say we adopted seven, they already knew we had six, so they assume we adopted one more," Michelle laughed and said, accoring to northjersey.com. "When they hear seven plus six, they go, 'What?' We get a lot of that."

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Adding to their brood of six biological children, Michelle and Wade recently became parents to Olena, 17, Leeza, 14, Slavik, 12, Alina, 11, Anhelina, 9, Senya, 8, and Jenya, 6. "Their father died in 2016 and their mother died in 2018," Michelle said. "There were 10 siblings in all. Two had already aged out of the system and one stayed with relatives."

To make room for the seven adopted siblings, the entire Torppey family adjusted and began doing everything they could to make them feel at home. Wade, who is an ironworker, was able to add lofts and closets for the children, whereas a couple of his biological children learned Ukranian and Russian languages so they could speak with the adopted siblings, who are currently learning to speak English.

"If anyone asks what the primary language in the house is now, I say charades," Michelle said. "When all else fails, there's Google Translate on the phone."

Wade's youngest biological child, 15-year-old Zoey, was also ready to make sacrifices for the adopted siblings.

"When our oldest moved out and got married, Zoey had probably had the largest bedroom," Wade said. "She gave it up for the three little boys. She is the sweetest young lady, so selfless, gave it up without thinking twice. She's in this little 8-by-8-foot loft now in a room with her sister."

The Torppeys first met five of the seven siblings when they hosted them for Christmas in 2018 as part of a Lafayette Federated Church's program called Open Hearts and Homes. Only five of the siblings could visit at the time because the two youngest ones were too small to travel.

"Right off the bat, I knew this would be something more than just Christmas," Wade said.

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After a spending a month with the children, the family eventually decided to adopt all seven of the siblings and give them a home. Following several delays and the problems caused due to the pandemic, the adoption was finally approved and the siblings offiially became a part of the Torppey household in July this year.

"If there's one thing we think we can do well, and other people have told us we do well, that would be being parents," Wade said. "I would like to think that's a gift we have that God gave us, and he's asking us to do it a little longer than we planned."

The family has set up a GoFundMe page and hope to raise money to help with the children's education. They said, "Your donation would support Christian education and the Torppey family. 100% of donations will be used for the education of these adopted children. Any remaining funds after education costs have been covered will be donated to the orphanage that has cared for the children for the past 3 years."

As the family now adjusts with their new life, Wade told northjersey.com, "We certainly have no regrets... The mood of the house is often chaotic, but full of love and laughter."

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