Tiger Woods gets emotional during World Golf Hall of Fame induction as he talks about his mom

Tiger Woods gets emotional during World Golf Hall of Fame induction as he talks about his mom

Fighting back tears Tiger Woods revealed his loving and selfless parents put him and his needs first.

Wednesday night was a memorable one for Tiger Woods, who was being inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. As the pro golfer was being awarded the title, he became visibly emotional during the ceremony which was held on Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. The 46-year-old couldn't help but reflect upon his career struggles and all the sacrifices that his beloved parents made for him.

It was an honor for Woods to receive the award in the presence of his mother, Kultida Woods, his daughter, Sam, 14, son, Charlies 13, and girlfriend, Erica Herman. The occasion was even more heartwarming and meaningful as Sam delivered a touching speech complete with personal anecdotes before inducting her father into the Hall of Fame, according to TODAY.


Among other things, the teenager also spoke about the February 23 severe car crash that Woods had been involved in last year, before calling him a "fighter". "Recently, dad, you had to train harder than ever. About a year ago, you were stuck in a hospital bed," she shared, revealing how it was one of the scariest moments of the family's lives. "We didn’t know if you’d come home with two legs or not."

"Now, you’re not only about to get inducted into the Hall of Fame, but you’re standing here on your own two feet. This is why you deserve this — because you’re a fighter. Dad, I inducted you into the Dad Hall of Fame a long time ago. But today, I am so proud to present my dad, Tiger Woods, into the World Golf Hall of Fame," she shared, she continued mentioning his notable achievements. 

She then presented her father with the Hall of Fame plaque before leaving the stage. During his acceptance speech, Woods spoke about his upbringing and his dedication to the game. Somewhere in between, he recalled the time his parents had to take out a second mortgage to help him pursue his dreams of becoming a golfer. Fighting back tears, he mentioned how his father, Earl, and mother, Kultida, always put him and his needs first.


"Without the sacrifices of mom who took me to all the tournaments. And dad, who’s not here, but who instilled in me this work ethic to fight for what I believe in, chase after my dreams," the five-time Masters winner said as he teared up. "I had unbelievable parents, mentors, friends who allowed me and supported me in the toughest times, the darkest of times, and celebrated the highest of times," he stated. 

"Nothing is ever going to be given to you, everything’s going to be earned. If you don’t go out there and put in the work, you don’t go out and put in the effort, one, you’re not going to get the results. But two, more importantly, you don’t deserve it. You need to earn it. That defined my upbringing, that defined my career," Woods added. 

Cover image source: YouTube Screenshot | World Golf Hall of Fame

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