Dog cuddles sick baby deer found on owner's property and helps nurse her back to health

Dog cuddles sick baby deer found on owner's property and helps nurse her back to health

The baby deer was doing so much better after staying with the owner and the affectionate dog, Zoey.

A baby deer was nursed back to health with plenty of love and sloppy licks from a furry friend named Zoey. The young deer came out of nowhere and took refuge in a yard that belongs to Nashville musician, Pat Pollifrone. At first, Pat tried to take the little one back into the woods but the next day, he found the fawn back on his property. "Found this little sweetheart yesterday in the yard so we took her into the woods. Came out this morning and she was laying in the driveway. So I guess we have a deer now," said Pat on Instagram.


Since meeting the baby deer on June 24, Pat and his dogs made sure the animal felt at home; they even named her Bambi. When they noticed the fawn had an eye infection, Pat made sure the fawn got the treatment she needed and had the ticks taken out of her eye, according to PEOPLE. "I’m a softy what can I say. Bambi is in our care now," wrote Pat, in a follow-up Instagram post.

The musician, who is the frontman of Miller Holler, said that he and his family were only trying to get the deer back on her feet. And soon enough, Pat was able to see a wonderful change. "If she chooses to go back into the wild she is free to do so," he said. "Just helping the critter get on her feet. She has been drinking goat milk and walking around the yard today and the infection in her eye is looking a lot better after pulling the ticks and applying neosporin. Any tips on caring for Bambi are appreciated!"


Within no time, Bambi also found a new friend in Pat's dog, Zoey, who took a special liking towards the fawn and showered her with all the affection she had to offer.


As young Bambi continued staying with Pat, she showed positive signs of recovery and was treated like Zoey's "adopted daughter."

"Words can’t describe this cuteness," Pat wrote on Instagram.


Social media users poured their love for the two furry companions in the comments, and one said, "Mama Zoe found her calling in life! Awwww! She is so sweet with her!" "Zoe has gone full mama mode. I love it!" said one while another said, "My heart can’t handle this... adorable!" Although he was glad to see Bambi doing well, Pat still struggled to find the deer a forever home.

"Tried calling the local rescues and they aren’t taking any newbies (even fawns as it says on their voice message) and TWRA is tough to get ahold of so we will continue to care for the baby until mama comes back," Pat wrote. "She is doing SO MUCH BETTER! Pooping, peeing, taking goats milk, eye infection is clearing up and the ticks have left her alone."

Eventually, good news came and according to FOX17, Pat managed to find a forever home for Bambi at the Gibson Hollow Goat Ranch.


Cover image source: Pat Pollifrone/Instagram

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