Paul Walker's mother recalls final conversation with her son hours before his death

Paul Walker's mother recalls final conversation with her son hours before his death

The 'Fast and the Furious' star tragically passed away at the age of 40 on November 30, 2013.

Paul Walker passed away nearly a decade ago, but his death still breaks the hearts of Fast and Furious fans. Perhaps, no one feels the tragic loss more than his close loved ones. The actor died on November 30, 2013 at the age of 40 shortly after production had started on Furious 7. Just hours before the tragic incident, the actor was planning to spend time with his family, particularly his 15-year-old daughter, Meadow.



According to PEOPLE, his mother Cheryl revealed that the late actor was in great spirits that morning while in the kitchen along with his daughter. The father-of-one had plans to buy a Christmas tree and decorate it with his daughter. “We were having this good conversation, and he’d forgotten about an event he had,” said Cheryl. “He got a text and said, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m supposed to be somewhere!’ ” She never realized that was the last time she would see him alive. 



Walker was said to be attending a charity car show for the organization Reach Out Worldwide after which he decided to take a spin in a red Carrera GT Porsche driven by his friend Roger Rodas. The deadly decision resulted in the vehicle crashing and then exploding, killing both men. "I think so many people think, 'Oh, he was just a movie star who was killed in a car accident,'" Cheryl said. "But there was so much more to him. That was just a piece of who he was. He was an amazing man."



Costar Vin Diesel and Walker had been close friends for years since they teamed up in the Fast & Furious franchise. Diesel even named his daughter with partner Paloma Jimenez Pauline in honor of Paul Walker. "I named her Pauline," Diesel, who already has a son and a daughter with Jimenez, told Natalie Morales on TODAY. "He was in the room," Diesel said. "There's no other person that I was thinking about as I was cutting this umbilical cord. I just ... knew he was there. It felt like, you know, a way to keep his memory a part of my family and a part of my world," he explained.



Family members reminisce how Walker was a doting dad. The actor's brother Cody told PEOPLE, “He loved being a dad. He was so proud of her.” He loved doing little things for his only child, including activities like a school dance. “He helped Meadow’s date pin on his boutonnière and drove them to the dance and picked them up. It was so sweet,” mom Cheryl said. Added Walker’s father Paul Walker III,  “Paul thought the world of her. No father loved a child more than he did Meadow.”



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