Mother admits she placed her baby's dead body in a crate and hid him inside the wall of her house for months

Mother admits she placed her baby's dead body in a crate and hid him inside the wall of her house for months

The mother first claimed the baby was being looked after by someone else. Then she changed her story and said: "The baby is here."

For months, the remains of a 1-year-old baby were kept hidden away from the world inside the walls of a home in Pennsylvania. The infant's family continued living with the dead baby's body since the infant passed away in February, 2021.

The child's body was found after agents with the state Child and Youth Services Department arrived at the family's Charleroi home to ask about the baby's welfare. When the baby was born, his system had traces of THC — the active ingredient in marijuana. And because of this, CYS has been investigating the baby's welfare for a while.

When the CYS agents arrived at the family's residence, the child's 25-year-old mother Kylie Wilt said the baby was in the care of someone else in North Carolina. Kylie eventually changed her story and admitted that the baby's body is inside the house, as reported by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


"We don’t have the money for a burial. The baby is here," Kylie told officers.

Kylie reportedly became nervous when the police arrived at her front door, and she eventually said the baby boy died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

At the time of the baby's death, Kylie said she and her family were living in their previous house. She claimed she didn't have enough money to give the child a proper funeral. So Kylie decided to move about three blocks away with her boyfriend and her three other children. Along with their packed bags, Kylie also took the dead body of her 1-year-old baby boy with her.


Until Kylie moved to the new house, her neighbor at the old residence would constantly hear the infant baby crying.

"I used to hear the baby crying all the time. And all of a sudden, it didn’t one day and didn’t see them bringing him in and out and didn’t figure this is what happened," the former neighbor, Robin Stasicha, told KDKA.

Robin grew concerned about the baby and asked the property manager if she knew anything about the child.

"I told her I hadn’t seen the baby and I was concerned, and she said the baby passed away," said Robin. "I was thinking, I’m here all the time. I never saw an ambulance. Wouldn’t you call 911 if your baby wasn’t responding to you?"

After Kylie moved to the new residence, she covered her baby's body with blankets before placing the child in a plastic tote bag. The body was then placed in a crate and hidden inside a hole that was created in the wall. Kylie also had the hole covered up with drywall and painted the area to avoid giving any clues.

“It’s sick. It’s sick. Somethings wrong with her. It’s sick!" an unnamed neighbor, told WPXI.

People living in the area are shocked to know that Kylie was keeping her dead baby's body inside the house and carried on with her life.

“How could you do that?” asked one neighbor, Robert Shulnes.


According to New York Post, Kylie as well as the baby's father, Alan Hollis, are facing charges in connection with the incident. While Kylie is charged with concealing the death of a child, abuse of a corpse, obstruction of justice, welfare fraud, and tampering with evidence, Alan is charged with obstructing administration of law or other governmental functions.

Cover image source: CBS Pittsburgh/YouTube

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