Texans are getting creative with mini heaters made from flower pots that stay warm for hours during power outage

Texans are getting creative with mini heaters made from flower pots that stay warm for hours during power outage

It really is quite simple to make and will keep you warm for hours.

Millions of people in Texas went through Monday night without power because of a massive winter blitz that sent temperatures plunging, closed grocery stores, and caused widespread outages, according to The Texas Tribune. Texas falls into the "Top Areas by Outages" with over 3,016,994 people facing power cuts. It's also rather cold in the state with snow storm warnings being issued. People are doing everything they can to keep themselves and their family warm, but desperate times truly call for desperate measures.


Need truly is the mother of invention and as per Totally The Bomb, people have come up with a genius hack to create an easy DIY heater. All you need is a terracotta flower pot and some votive candles to get things up and running.

It's just some basic science that's being put into action, and these are all items that you probably have at home. The clay pots, when exposed to heat, will absorb the thermal energy of the candles and convert it into radiant space heat. The temperatures can reach 160F to 180F and the makeshift claypot heater can stay hot for hours.


Here's what you need to make one for yourself:

1. One flowerpot, made with clay or terracotta
2. Tea light candles or mini candles, whatever you have with yourself
3. Bricks on pans to lift up the pot and create a space between that and the candles


Here's how you can make it:

1. Take your flower pot and turn it upside down so the opening is at the bottom
2. Put bricks on the sides and balance the pot on it so there's some space between the flat surfact and the opening of the pot
3. Place the candles within the radius of the pot's opening, and light them
4. Let it burn for several hours and you will notice the room getting warmer


Some people put a hole at the top and then use screws to hang the pot instead of using bricks. I mean, it's totally up to you to do whatever you want now that you've got the basics down. It goes without saying that it's best to keep an eye on this because it does involve fire, so it's safe to keep it out of reach of keep these away from kids and pets.

If you're out of power and desperately looking for ways to stay warm, then this is probably your best bet. Plus these are items you probably already have at home; if not it's not really going to cost you a lot even if you need to buy them!


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