"I found someone else": Phil Collins's wife dumped him over text and moved into his mansion with another man

"I found someone else": Phil Collins's wife dumped him over text and moved into his mansion with another man

This is the second time Phil Collins is separating from the same woman after reuniting a few years back.

For the second time, Phil Collins has ended his marriage with the same woman, Orianne Cevey after they reunited a few years ago to give their marriage a second chance.

The rocker from the band, Genesis was reportedly dumped over a text message, sent by Cevey, where she said she "found someone and would like to try to see if I can be happy again," as reported by The Sun. In the text, she referred to the "someone" by simply calling the man "Thomas."

Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey at the Phil and Orianne Collins host Little Dreams Foundation brunch at Faena Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida on May 15, 2016. (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Gustavo Caballero)

During the lockdown, Collins was living with Cevey in his waterside mansion in Miami until Cevey dumped Collins by sending him the text message in the month of July. She then went off to Las Vegas, telling Collins that she was heading out of town for "business," as reported the Daily Mail.

It was only a matter of time before Collins found out that his third wife went to Las Vegas so that she could secretly get married to part-time guitarist, Thomas Bates.

This is the second time Collins' marriage to Cevey is coming to an end. The musician first married the jewellery designer, who is 23 years younger than him, in the year 1999 before they separated in 2006. Their 2008 divorce ended with Collins having to pay up a huge amount to Cevey which, at the time, was a record UK settlement amount, according to The Sun.


Several years later in 2016, the couple reunited and Cevey previously said about their relationship, "Our ­separation was the wrong decision. I now call Phil my husband again. We are so close that it does not actually make a difference if we are married or not."

The two of them married once again and moved to Miami with their sons, Nicholas and Matthew, to live together as a family, according to Page Six. Now, Collins once again sees himself looking at another complicated separation.

"I’m done with this," the musician reportedly told his friends, according to The Sun.

After Cevey and Thomas Bates got married in a 15-minute ceremony in the presence of their dogs, Collins moved out of their Miami home without wasting much time.

"This came totally out of the blue for him," a source revealed. "Up until he found out she had got married to someone else, he was still in a relationship with Orianne and they were living together in Miami."


Talking about how Cevey had been upto something behind Collins back for a while, the insider revealed, "Orianne was going back and forth to Vegas, saying that the trips were to do with her jewellery business. Then Phil found out that she had secretly got married. He left the US in the first week of September. He just wanted to get away. He said: 'I’m done with this.'"

The eight-time Grammy winner's misery did not end there. He is currently in a legal battle with Cevey and Bates, who are still staying in his Miami mansion. Collins has accused them of "forcible entry" and of unlawful possession of the house, as reported by the Daily Mail. It was also reported that Cevey is demanding a payment of $20m from Collins and is threatening the drummer by saying she will release embarassing claims about him.


"She has been in the house in Miami with Thomas and won’t leave. But it’s not her house," the insider told The Sun. "She even changed the codes to get into it. As far as Phil is concerned, the ­relationship with Orianne is over."

A source also revealed to The Sun, "Phil’s hurt—just like anyone would be. He’s only human."

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