25 insane photos and videos that show how brave Texans are dealing with the coldest winter in decades

25 insane photos and videos that show how brave Texans are dealing with the coldest winter in decades

For a state that hasn't experienced anything this severe for years, they're trying their best to make something of the situation.

Residents of Texas are used to the blistering heat of the midwest with the occasional snowfall during the winter months. But now, the entire state is experiencing one of the coldest winters they've seen in decades. And it wasn't just the cold that was getting to people. Millions were left stuck in their homes without electricity and heating, facing severe shortage of food and water. And as getting things back on track seems to have been a slow process, many took to social media to share just how bad things got in the state due to the sudde snow storm.

And their troubles didn't seem to end there. According to NBC News, the National Weather Service warned residents to be prepared for another major winter storm that is expected to come from the Lower Mississippi Valley into the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.


Here are some instances depicting the frigid conditions that Texans are dealing with:

1. Fans sported icicles


2. Water collected in bathtubs were frozen solid


3. Toilet seats weren't spared

Source: icepigs Reddit

4. And neither were the faucets


5. Hot tubs turned into skating rinks


6. And the pools, too, to an extent


7. But some got creative and used their frozen pools as ice hockey rinks


8. Beaches were covered in snow, not sand


9. People were using snow to compensate for water shortage


10. And lining up for alcohol to help keep warm


11. Tents are being set up in-house for an off-season camping experience


12. It's not all fun and games though


13. Highways aren't safe either


14. Pipe bursts have destroyed homes


15. People resorted to burning furniture for heat


16. Ingredients froze


17. Cars drowned in frozen sheets of snow


18. Nothing was spared by the frigid weather


19. People's houses caught on fire while just trying to stay warm


20. Icicles like these could be hazardous


21. Entire ceilings collapsed


22. Even playgrounds were frozen solid


23. When dish soap iced up too


24. Some are taking to ice-skating down the roads


25. But as bad as it got, there were always others willing to help out someone in need



Source: Twitter | (L) @AustinLaker (R) @ThomasBlackGG

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