Little girl at a gas station recognizes the cop who saved her life years ago and jumps into her arms for a hug

Little girl at a gas station recognizes the cop who saved her life years ago and jumps into her arms for a hug

The officer was moved to tears when she realized she had met the little girl before in a completely different situation.

There are some encounters and some conversations that are so special, they can turn your entire day around. Corporal Sherry Rego from the Collier County Sheriff's Office had an encounter like this that reminded her why she puts on her uniform every day and works hard to keep the streets of Florida safe for its residents, according to WKRN News 2.

The corporal was at a gas station when a little girl came up to her with her mother and her big brother. The conversation they had was so moving that Sherry said, "Today God reminded me why I do what I do!" as quoted by a Facebook post put up by Collier County Sheriff's Office.

"While pumping gas this beautiful girl came to my truck... tears rolled in my eyes as I looked at her, her parents and big brother..." Sherry said. "Her mom said to her do you remember your angel, why did she say this?"

It turned out that this was not the first time Sherry met the little girl. A few years back, Sherry had saved the little girl's life by performing CPR on her when she was only two years old. If Sherry had not done what she did that day, the family might have lost a loving daughter and sister.


"...Just over 3 years ago I was giving her lifeless daughter CPR," Sherry said after reuniting with the girl. "She was almost 2 and today she proudly shared she is 5 and on her way to Disney! This was such a blessed reminder why I do the job I do, and beyond grateful to the amazing agency I work for that believes in top notch training for their deputies and equipment to do our everyday tasks."

The corporal also had a small message to tell the sweet little girl. "Enjoy your Disney weekend pretty girl, you left my heart so full today," Sherry said.

After the heartwarming encounter was shared on social media, the folks at Collier County Sheriff's Office also shared the same on their Facebook page and added, "Cpl. Sherry Rego describes today as the best day of her entire year. She was crying happy tears a minute ago when we called and asked permission to share this beautiful post from her personal facebook page."

The post, along with the wonderful photos of the little girl and her "angel" was liked over 22,000 times and it was shared over 10,000 times. A number of people also commented, talking about how touched they were by the post and they expressed their gratitude to the corporal and others like her who put themselves out there every day for the safety of others.


"What a beautiful story. You're a true hero. We appreciate you, and all that you do for the community. Thank you for your service," wrote Helen Culley.

Ada Duncan also commented and said, "Wonderful story! There are so many loving people out there but we don’t often hear about them."

Cyrina Rentschler wrote, "Thank you for everything you do for us the service you provide to keep us safe and yes what a beautiful story to be able to see this child you helped save once again thank you."

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