Joe Biden's approval rating as the US president is much higher than that of the last four presidents

Joe Biden's approval rating as the US president is much higher than that of the last four presidents

As the new President made his priorities clear, they resonated with the public, who a majority of also started approving his performance.

After months of watching the high-tension election campaign between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, most Americans rejoiced when the latter was finally sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. Of course, that was not without some drama either but once he was in, many people looked to him to bring about the change he promised - to “restore the soul of the nation.” And it seems like many are quite satisfied with Biden's work so far, especially considering the changes that he has already implemented regarding the coronavirus pandemic, the minimum wage issues, and the fight against racial injustice, among others.

Given that the last four years of Trump's presidency was a period of chaos and controversies, Biden's clear agenda and priorities make him a breath of fresh air for many Americans. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

In fact, in a special online edition of the CNBC All-American Economic Survey which focused on the Biden agenda, found his approval rating at a sky-high 62%, beating the first presidential ratings of the last four presidents, Donald Trump (44%), Barack Obama (60%), George W. Bush (57%), and Bill Clinton (51%).

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The survey of 1,000 people conducted earlier in February 2021 saw Biden achieving this status due to his handling of the economy and for uniting the country. 65% percent of the public approve of the actions Biden has taken so far when it comes to fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Unlike Trump, the 78-year-old President “has made the coronavirus his most important issue in office and throughout the campaign,” said Jay Campbell, a Hart Research partner and the Democratic pollster for the survey. “And the health and economic plans he has put forward have a great deal of resonance with the public.”


Given that the last four years of Trump's presidency were a period of visible chaos and endless controversies, often fueled by his decisions and comments, Biden's clear agenda and priorities make him a breath of fresh air for majority of the Americans. So it comes as no surprise that he enjoys an initial 98% approval rating among Democratic voters. This happens to be the highest rating for a new president among members of his party since it began measuring approval ratings in 1953, according to American Independent.

Despite Trump's constant boasts that he received 90% and increasing approval ratings amongst the Republican party even though these claims had no basis, reputable polls never put him close to those numbers. In fact, they put Trump's approval within the GOP at somewhere between 79% and 88% in August 2019, while he was actually claiming 94%. Trump's initial rating among Republicans in January 2017, right after he was sworn in was at 90%, according to a poll released by Gallup.

Outgoing US President Donald Trump waves to supporters lined along on the route to his Mar-a-Lago estate on January 20, 2021 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Trump, the first president in more than 150 years to refuse to attend his successor's inauguration, is expected to spend the final minutes of his presidency at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Michael Reaves)

However, while Trump was not highly popular even within his own party, Biden seems to have pulled some (not a particularly significant number) Republicans over to his side, according to NY Times. Though only 15% of the Republicans approved, this seems to show that there is a smaller wall between the two parties than before, as it reflects the way that Trump drove away a significant share of the Republican base, particularly white voters with college degrees.

But even though Biden is placed in a highly polarized political situation with Democrats and plenty of independents backing him while receiving a very low approval rating from Republicans, he still has a generally positive approval rating from Americans. All that remains to be seen is how the new President follows through on his promises.

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