Priest claims the "devil made him" rape a woman after he went to her house to perform a prayer

Priest claims the "devil made him" rape a woman after he went to her house to perform a prayer

He claimed he was under the influence of the "devil" and "the enemy," and had "succumbed to temptation."

Trigger warning: The story contains details of sexual assault that might be distressing to some readers.

A priest who went to a family's house to pray was caught redhanded for attacking and sexually assaulting a woman, after which he made claims of being pushed by the "devil" to commit the vile act.

Reports say that the priest from Belém, Brazil named Daniel Souza, had gone to the house that day to conduct a prayer with a young man in the family. Right after that, he attacked the woman, who was lying unconscious inside a bedroom.

According to The Sun, the pastor allegedly raped the woman inside the house, but fortunately, did not get away with the crime because the assault was caught on security cameras placed inside the house.

Later, when family members found out about the pastor's assault, they beat him up and left him bleeding from his wounds.



"You are the devil," the family could be heard telling the accused priest in a video, where they physically assaulted him until he confessed to his crime. The priest then claimed that he was acting upon the influence of the "devil" and "the enemy," and said he couldn't stop himself as he "succumbed to temptation."

With blood on his face, pastor Souza was captured in the video saying he had "failed" and "done everything wrong."

After the police got involved in the case, they arrested Souza and took him into custody in connection with abusing the woman.

A couple of years ago, another incident was brought to light after a Catholic priest, Rev. Armand Garcia, reportedly abused a teenage girl while he was in charge of a Philadelphia parish, according to Inquirer.

Back then, the teenage girl actively participated in church, sang in the church choir, filled in for the church secretary on certain nights and weekends, and even volunteered to serve as an altar girl. For a while, the then-16-year-old even fell for the priest's words as he said God placed him in her life for a specific purpose, which was to take care of her.


In 2014, the girl developed a crush on the priest, but things eventually led up to sexual abuse. The high school student would be offered alcohol and marijuana by Rev. Garcia, who went on to sexually abuse and rape her.

"He came up from behind me and pushed me up against a wall. He held my arms down and spread my legs apart," the victim said in court in 2019, years after the abuse took place. "I was wearing my school uniform. I didn’t know what to do."


Investigations also found that the priest filmed himself sexually abusing the child, and as the woman recalled what happened to her as a teenager, she said in court, "He said he wanted to have something to remember it by. I could only watch a few minutes. I was very uncomfortable."

Over time, the priest became more controlling, and she was only able to escape the abusive relationship when she left for college in 2016. A year after that, she decided it was time to come forward with the abuse she had suffered at his hands and went to the police with her story, finally exposing the priest for the sexual predator that he was.

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