Princess Diana's childhood Chopper-style 'Tracker' bicycle, from the 1970s, is up for auction

Princess Diana's childhood Chopper-style 'Tracker' bicycle, from the 1970s, is up for auction

The one who takes home Princess Diana's childhood bicycle will "own a personal piece of her history."

What's special about a bright red Tracker bike going on auction? Plenty, because this particular bike has a place in royal history and was ridden by Princess Diana years before she became the beloved people's princess.

As she grew up at the Spencer family estate in Althorp, Northamptonshire, Princess Diana would ride around this very Tracker red and chrome 'Chopper' style bicycle, which is going up for auction through East Bristol Auctions. The bicycle will be up for grabs between July 23 and 24, and is expected sell between £20,000 and £30,000 ($27,600 to $41,500), according to Town & Country.


Reflecting a part of history, the bicycle belong to Princess Diana and was ridden by her until she outgrew it. Then, her father, Earl John Spencer, and stepmother, Countess Raine Spencer, sold the bicycle during a sale of their household items, according to PEOPLE. During the sale, the bike went to Princess Diana's childhood housekeeper, Maudie Pendrey, who gave around $28 (£20) for it at the time. Later, Pendrey's son sold the bicycle at an auction in 2007. The bright red Tracker bike eventually found its way to a display at the House On The Hill Toy Museum.


"It’s a really important piece of memorabilia – Diana was the ‘people’s Princess,’ and this is a chance to own a personal piece of her history," said Toy Specialist Lucy McCourt about the bike going on auction, according to Bristol Live. " This is far from just a run-of-the-mill child’s bicycle!"

"One can almost imagine the young Diana riding around her childhood country estate on this. And there is naturally a tinge of sadness to it also," McCourt added.

The East Bristo Auctions' description of the bicycle says the bike still has the original tyres that were fitted around 50 years ago. It is an "all original bike, with sprung rear suspension, chrome mud guard, vinyl saddle, central gear lever and y-frame handle bars with cable brakes," the description said. "Retains the original tyres. Complete, and generally in very good original condition. The bike was ridden by Diana in the 1970s at the Spencer family estate - Althorp, Northamptonshire."


Following the auctions, whoever takes the bicycle home will also walk away with a few other special items. "The bicycle is accompanied by a personally signed Christmas card from Diana, addressed 'To Mrs Pendrey.' Original invoices and newspaper clippings from the 2007 sale are also included. An exceptional piece of Royalty memorabilia, with excellent provenance," the description added.

Last June, reports also came out about Princess Diana's silver Ford car finding a new owner. This was the same car that Prince Charles had gifted to Princess Diana before their fairytale wedding in 1981.


Given to her as an engagement gift, Princess Diana drove the car until it was sold to a private owner in August 1982. Recently, the car was sold to a museum in South America, according to PEOPLE. Reeman Dansie Auctions' Lewis Rabett said, "Ending up in South America is testament to the level of interest globally that there's been in the car. It's also a testament to Diana and her enduring legacy."

Cover image source: Getty Images | Photo by Len Trievnor

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