Charles threw Princess Diana's wedding ring in a fit of rage just weeks after getting married

Charles threw Princess Diana's wedding ring in a fit of rage just weeks after getting married

For hours during their honeymoon, Princess Diana "paced around the room" and "kicked the furniture" while crying about her marriage.

A former newspaper editor, Sir Max Hastings, once asked Princess Diana, "were there ever happy times" in her marriage to Prince Charles.

"No, the marriage was hell from day one," Princess Diana responded, according to Hastings' account.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles have had a rough relationship right from the very beginning of their marriage, as reported by People. Not long after their glamorous wedding, the couple began to have constant fights and fallouts, and even their honeymoon was not much of a pleasant affair.


During their honeymoon, Princess Diana felt her doubts about Prince Charles still being hung up over his former love interest, Camilla, intensify. "On one occasion, she [Diana] and Charles had been consulting their diaries when a photograph of Camilla fell out of his. Another time, when they were in formal dress for dinner, she noticed the Prince was wearing a pair of gold cufflinks engraved with interwoven Cs," claimed the book, The Untold Story by Penny Junor, as reported by Express.

While in Scotland for their honeymoon, Princess Diana even cried to her husband's former personal aide, Michael Colborne, about the troubles she was facing in the marriage. "For six solid hours... he sat there while Diana cried, paced around the room, kicked the furniture, ranted about everyone and everything to do with the place that she hated so much, and then fell into brooding silence before starting all over again," wrote Junor in her book.


Based on reports, things between Charles and Diana did not seem to improve as time passed. A few weeks into their marriage, Princess Diana was said to have grown "angry" and was "in floods of tears," according to royal biographer Howard Hodgson, as reported by Express.

She was reportedly getting tired of the royal family's tradition of regularly visiting their Scottish estate of Balmoral, and Prince Charles didn't help to make things better.

While in tears, Princess Diana complained about "her absent husband, his family, the boredom, Balmoral and the weather," according to Hodgson.

During this time, both Diana and Charles admitted to the Prince's personal aide, Colborne, that they had a number of issues with the marriage.


Princess Diana "poured out her complaints" to Colborne, after which Prince Charles also confided in his personal aide about the problems in his relationship with his wife. And eventually, this led to a heated outpour, after which Prince Charles flung his wife's ring at Colborne.

"Later that day, and after they had witnessed another slanging match, the Prince tossed Diana’s wedding ring at Colborne in the dark drive as he prepared to leave for London with the Prince," wrote Hodgson in his book, Charles — The Man Who Will Be King.

According to Hodgson, Prince Charles was still quite furious and "rounded on Colborne with an explosion of hot temper concerning a trivial point about his new Range Rover’s carpets."

It was no surprise that the personal aide was left exhausted after Prince Charles "didn’t draw breath for over an hour."


While Prince Charles was in a fit of rage, Princess Diana was described to be "disintegrating into a mental wreck.

The unhappiness that Princess Diana and Prince Charles felt right from the start of their marriage was something they carried with them for years until they finally separated in 1992 and officially divorced in 1996.

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