Diana was told to wear a wig in bed so she'd look more like Camilla to fix her loveless marriage with Charles

Diana was told to wear a wig in bed so she'd look more like Camilla to fix her loveless marriage with Charles

Both Princess Diana and Prince Charles had intimate relationships with people outside their marriage. In an interview, Prince Charles said he was faithful until their marriage "became irretrievably broken down."

A match made in heaven was the way the world saw with the union of Lady Diana and Prince Charles in 1981. But over the years, the royal couple grew apart and their marriage descended into a loveless relationship that both were forced to tolerate. Princess Diana had left so lonely and isolated in the royal family, that with no one else to turn to, she had to confide in her butler and bodyguard.

The Princess of Wales would also discuss her marital problems with friends, hoping for some insight or advice on how to fix her marriage, especially about how to improve the dull and lackluster nights in the palace with the future king.


"Diana would both bemoan and joke about the bedroom boycott with her girlfriends. Perhaps she should try to get Charles drunk one evening, she suggested, in the hope of encouraging a bit of princely 'leg-over,'" wrote Royal biographer, Robert Lacey, in a book, as reported by The Sun.

But her friends warned her, saying alcohol could have the opposite effect of what she had in mind.

"'Oh no', they would respond, 'You know what happens to the vital organ under the influence of too much alcohol—brewer’s droop,'" the author wrote about their conversation.

Her friends then brought up Camilla Parker Bowles, her husband's former beau who is also the woman Princess Diana harbored doubts about for a long time in their marriage.

Diana Spencer and Camilla Parker-Bowles at Ludlow Races where Prince Charles is competing, 1980. (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Express Newspapers)

"'How about turning down the lights and wearing a blonde wig?’ asked one of them. 'That way he might mistake you for Camilla,'" wrote Lacey. "Diana roared with laughter. After time and some rueful reflection, she had come to accept the reality of her husband’s ‘lady’ in his life."

In the tapes she recorded between September 1992 and December 1993 with speech coach Peter Settelen, Princess Diana talked about how their sex life took a hit while she and Prince Charles were together.

"Well, there was. There was. There was. But it was odd, very odd," Princess Diana was heard saying, as quoted by The Sun. "But it was there then it fizzled out about seven years ago, six years ago, well seven, because Harry was eight. Instinct told me, it was just so odd. I don’t know there was no requirement for it from his case. Sort of once every three weeks and I kept thinking. And then I followed a pattern, he used to see his lady once every three weeks before we got married."


The same tapes also recorded Princess Diana talking about one of the times she confronted her husband about Camilla, who is currently married to Prince Charles.

"I remember saying to my husband, you know, ‘Why, why is this lady around?’ and he said, ‘Well I refuse to be the only Prince of Wales who never had a mistress," Princess Diana shared.


The resentment that grew between the couple in their marriage drove both Diana and Charles to have intimate relationships with people outside of their marriage. However, in an interview that Prince Charles gave after he had separated from Princess Diana, he said that the affairs happened only after their marriage was beyond repair, as reported by The New York Times.

When asked if he tried to be "faithful and honorable" to Princess Diana, Prince Charles replied, "Yes, absolutely."

"And you were?" the interviewer pressed on.

"Yes," Prince Charles replied before he passed and said, "Until it became irretrievably broken down, us both having tried."

After their separation in 1992, Princess Diana and Prince Charles made their divorce official in 1996.

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